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Breaking Bad: Why my life will never be the same

24 September 2013

It is finale week for one of the best shows on T.V., Breaking Bad. I am hooked on this show. If you haven't had the chance to sit down and watch it, I'd highly recommend it! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and you always want more. The subtle twists and emotional journey the writers and director take you on is trippy, at best. BUT I LOVE IT!! Have you seen it? Do you love it?

Recently, Breaking Bad has started to creep into my daily life as you can see by the pictures. So I've come up with a top ten list for how my life will never be the same after watching the entire series of Breaking Bad.

1. Car washes are ideal fronts for illegal operations. They also have industrial sized chemical barrels for disposing of certain....people. Paint those barrels black and millions can be stashed in the desert!

That's a lot of barrels!! 

2.  If it ain't KFC and they sell buckets of chicken, then they are obviously involved with the drug cartel in Mexico.

Los Pollos Hermanos [source]

3. High school chemistry doesn't seem so useless after all!

Top Ten Chemistry Scenes

4.  Blue rock candy will forever be a questionable substance! Pick up some for your Breaking Bad Finale party. Guaranteed to be a hit!

 5. T.V. lawyers are very well informed and have a lot of illegal pull & connections.

6. Color always matters. One of my personal favorites is analyzing the color choice in wardrobe for Breaking Bad. Color means something. Why else would Hank and Marie have purple everything? Coincidence, I think not. Keep this in mind when you decorate your home or pick out nail polish next time! 


7.  Anyone can learn science.  This makes me particularly happy!

8. If a winnebago is parked on your street, it probably has a "cook" going on in it.

9. If you have a special skill, not even Nazis will kill you right away.


10. An entire operation can be shut down with a few convincing photos.



  1. I've never watched this show, but every time I check my FB and Twitter this is all I hear about!! Haha

  2. LOVEEEE this show!! I'm dying the see the finale!!

  3. Love this show but I am not even on the current season yet. Just finished Season 3 on Netflix. So behind!