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BarreAmped Transformation Challenge Week 2

23 September 2013

Well friends, it is my first update from the BarreAmped Transformation Challenge that I began two weeks ago! I am happy to share with you some highlights from what I've been eating as well as my progress towards a stronger me. Continue to follow my progress here as well as on Twitter and Instagram

Participation in the Transformation Challenge requires three things:
 1. Clean eating i.e. elimination of processed foods and keeping glycemic index low.
 2. Attending a minimum of 3 classes per week.
 3. Measurements every 4 weeks. 

For the last two weeks, I haven't had a cookie. It sort of makes me sad to say that but also proud.  Sweets are totally my weakness! My meals are mostly plant based with tons of fruit and vegetables. My favorite breakfast foods have been either Ezekiel bread toasted with raw honey and cinnamon or eggs "over easy" with toast and hummus. Lunch is usually a wrap of some kind or leftovers from the night before. I am really digging avocado with hummus and sprouts on a whole wheat tortilla. Yogurt with chia seeds and fruit typically accompany my lunch. For snacks, I'm sort of struggling because all of the fruit makes my stomach often feel sort of acidic. I love dry roasted and unsalted pistachios as well as almonds. If you have any suggestions on clean eating snacks...please let me know!! Dinner is usually a salad, stir fry or fish with a hearty helping of vegetables! 

BarreAmped classes are going really well. I enjoy the challenge and the changes I can truly see in my body over the last year that I've been a client. Because the studio has grown, there are three new instructors starting to teach which is awesome! I love having new routines so that I don't grow complacent or bored. I haven't gotten bored with this workout yet! And there are always new levels of advanced moves that I can work towards. Recently, I started setting goals for class i.e.  to hold my abs in the entire class or to hold the last five counts of a final hold in the advanced position just to challenge my body. 

The best news is.....I have lost 3 pounds!!!! It is super exciting but the goal of BarreAmped as a fitness program is not weight loss [although that normally follows suit]. It is about strength and power in our bodies. I can also happily report that Mr. Collier complimented me on my shoulder muscles and just yesterday at church I was complimented on how toned I look. Makes a girl feel sooo good!


  1. My favorite snacks are broccoli with dressing and celery/natural peanut butter. Hope that helps!

  2. I do Pure Barre at I love the workouts! And I have tons of clean eating suggestions for you: Rudi's gluten-free bread (and they make great wraps), unsweetened almond milk, Nature's Path Sunrise Crunch Maple gluten-free cereal, PB2 peanut butter, Eat Well Enjoy Life edamame hummus, sugar snap peas dipped in hummus, and avocados on everything! Good luck with the rest of the challenge. Can't wait to see how it all goes!

  3. I like tuna on cucumber slices! Your shoulders are looking really toned! Get it girl!

  4. Go you go!!! I REALLY need to do this!!! :P

  5. I like PB with celery or apple slices. I also have made my own trail mix with raw almonds, dried cranberries etc.

  6. homemade kale chips or homemade sweet potato fries . Both are baked and you can try different seasonings.. e.g. sweet potatoes with chipotle!