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When Life Gets You Down, Talk to Dad

29 August 2013

My dad is one-of-a-kind. And he is amazing. I've written before how much he means to me as an influential friend in my life in a coffee & conversation link up post a few months ago. I have had quite the busy and earth moving week! Between conflicts at work and general feelings of angst towards my thesis project, I had a committee meeting on Tuesday. AND the committee concluded that I am ready to begin preparing my dissertation and work towards my defense!! Hooray!!!

In preparation for this, I was quite nervous and lacking zeal but felt extremely blessed when I received this g-chat from my dad on my computer. I just had to share it because it further exemplifies how truly amazing of a dad he is! I love my dad!!!

I'm praying for you today.

I love you. and I think you are amazing.

When you become a parent you have all these crazy ideas of what your kid may accomplish or turn out like...and I just want you to know that you have surpassed every thought my imagination could concoct. Have a great day.

Who is the ONE person that always has your back with something encouraging to say?


  1. Wow! This is so sweet. My parents, but especially my mom, are like this!

  2. Thanks Alyssa! I'm so glad that you have your mom to build you up!

  3. How sweet. I'd say my dad is just like this too! =)

  4. That is the sweetest!! Dad's are such a blessing!!

  5. Both my parents are pretty awesome. And so sweet of your father!