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The Office Finale & what Michael Scott taught me about my relationship with Christ

19 August 2013

I started watching The Office in the fall of 2008. My roommate had the first, second and third seasons on DVD and at the time I had no idea what The Office was. This same roommate dressed as one of the characters for Halloween, had Office Olympics parties and made references to the show that went over my head. I thought it was all hype. But then I was hooked. I started watching out of curiosity and then I began to know the characters. I watched the episodes through each of the seasons that my roommate owned and caught up within months.

Flash forward about 5 years and here we are. The Office is over. Well, new episodes are over but it will always be there through syndication and Netflix. I've seen every episode dozens of times and can quote lines. The same jokes and antics crack me up and watching this show brings me joy. This year, I turned 27 and threw myself an Office Themed birthday party. I spent time researching old episodes for food suggestions that corresponded with the show. I ordered a cake from Publix that was similar to a cake Dwight purchased for Kelly.

The Office is and will forever be my favorite T.V. show. When Michael Scott left, I cried along with the rest of the world. Things were not the same but I continued supporting the show. Jokes were less funny but I stuck it out. I was ready when NBC announced that Season Nine would be the end of The Office but I didn't realize what The Office could do for me until the finale. The entire season was hyped up with the anticipation of closing up of all the plots lines along with the resolutions of the character arcs. But, there was one moment that people, like myself, anticipated. The return of Michael Scott. You see, there couldn't be an end without him. All of the actors swore up and down that Michael would not be back for the finale while they promoted the final episode. But they lied. Because he did come back. 

It was in that moment and the moments that followed that I realized something great about my relationship with Christ. I was sitting there in joyful tears because my favorite T.V. character returned. I sat there almost embarrassed at my emotional and physical response to seeing a beloved T.V. character appear on the scream. And I began to wonder, how would I react if Jesus appeared? Would I have the same feeling? Would my expression be the same or different? It also made me question the nature of the relationship that I had built with this character. BY NO MEANS, am I comparing Michael Scott to Jesus. But rather the feeling that I had when relating to Michael.

I know Michael, or at least I feel that I do. I've spent years getting to know him. Learning his ways and seeing how he ticks. He makes me laugh and I feel for him in all of his awkward glory. In comparison, I know Jesus but do I really know Him? Have I spent time with Him to learn His ways and am I able to quote His words? Have I formed a deep and fostered connection with Him [who really does matter in my life]. Michael brought me joy and continues to again and again. But Christ freely gave me salvation, love and grace, the ultimate sacrifice. My experience watching The Office Finale was confusing and emotional but I was so convicted in that moment. It was paradigm shifting. And I'll never forget it. It taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine. 


  1. What a great post Sarah! So true! And as always, makes me want to finish watching this series! =)

  2. Wow, this is a great post. This really made me think. It's so true what you've said. He gave us life and salvation and joy!

    Great post, great show. I definitely went and pinned your Office themed party for my birthday next year. I'm so doing that!

    Elise @ Everyday Elise

    1. It was super fun! Make sure that you take tons of pictures!!!

  3. Such a great post friend.

    And makes me want to go watch all the office episodes I neglected b/c he had left too haha!

  4. I cried off and on through the whole finale, but bawled my eyes out when Michael showed up. Bawled.My.Eyes.OUT. My husband was pretty amused :-)