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Thanks for the Memories

27 August 2013

Hello To Be Mrs. Collier readers, I'm Amberly from {Life with Amberly and Joe}! You may remember me from my post a month ago where I shared some of my husband's quirks and how I have learned to love them over our two years of marriage. I am so glad that Sarah has asked me to hang out with you guys again today!

Memories are very important to me! I love to reminisce and think back on different events in my life, they make me smile, laugh, and cry! I also believe that you can learn a lot of great lessons that you can apply to your future from things that happened in the past. During my recent move, I found old yearbooks, photo CD's from show choir, slideshows that my best friend and I made for each other in college and mine and my husband's wedding video. I can't wait until I have some free time to sit down and watch them again and I will probably make my husband join me so I can relive my memories and tell him lots of stories the entire time. He's going to love it! ;) While I was writing Our Story on the blog, I kept referring to my journals so that I could remember the dates that things happened. It was a lot of fun to read all of my thoughts from the time that we were dating and remember those early relationship butterflies. The day that I applied to date my husband still makes me giggle, I even go back and read my "application" time and again just because I can, and it makes me feel so clever. I need to get back into the habit of writing in my journal so that I will always have them to look back on and share with my children in the future.

I take pictures of everything, not as much now as I did when I was in college, but I try. A few weeks ago, I shared how glad I am that my husband puts up with all of the random moments when I pull a camera out and say, "Let's get a picture!" Every single picture I have brings back a flood of memories and I think about all of the fun times surrounding the event. The picture above is the only one that we took on the day of our engagement (Shame on me!) but it is one of my favorites, and I keep it in a frame at my apartment to remind me how happy I was to finally be engaged to the man that I love so much! And I always think about how I almost ruined my proposal and that the first thing I said when I saw the ring was, "You're so dumb!" My husband and I still laugh about it today!

Music and smells can spark your memory and quickly take you back to moments associated with those things. Pictures and journals are great for reminding us of the past and will be very valuable to future generations who want to know who we were and what we were like. Treasure your memories and find your own way to keep them alive, you won't regret it!

What are some of your favorite memories? Is there something specific that makes you think back on them?


  1. Awww, such a cute picture of your engagement!
    A frozen yogurt place just opened where the Mr and I had our first date :) we went back there a few weeks ago and I got all sappy because 6 years ago we were walking through the same door when it was a coffee shop :)

  2. I sometimes have scents or sounds or music that reminds me of a certain thing or a certain moment in time.