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How to be a better blogger, today.

02 August 2013

Blogging is an awesome hobby! Sharing your life, thoughts, and images with the blogging community and the greater world gives me such a thrill but it is challenging [and takes a lot of work]. It is hard to come up with content and stay consistent with posting. If you are a newbie blogger, contemplating starting your first blog, been blogging for awhile or figuring out how to grow your blog, I've got a few tips on how to become a better blogger TODAY!

  • Read other blogs and make friends.
    • Blogging is a two-way conversation. You've got the writers and the readers. Good writers are also avid readers. And you can't help making friends when you are a dedicated reader! The golden rule also applies to blogging. Treat others the way that you want to be treated. If you want people to visit your blog daily AND comment, lead by example. 

  • Visit your sidebar sponsors frequently. 
    • Swapping buttons is all good and fine but have you ever considered why we as bloggers do that? Exposure. By having your button on another blogger's sidebar, the hope is that you'll gain traffic from their readers. But have you ever considered the buttons that you have collected from other bloggers to be "pins" that you visit daily? Each day, I make sure that I click on the buttons on my sidebar and visit my "sponsors" even of the swapping variety. It is prime real estate for a reason! 

  • Comment, comment, comment!
    • An extension of the first two points, a visit to a blog is only as good as a comment. Sure, number of visits tickle a blogger's fancy but really, it is about people. And we have no idea who you are if you don't introduce yourself or allow us to get to know you. Be sure that you are not a no-reply blogger. If you want to figure out if you are or how to fix it, Gayle @ Grace for Gayle can hook you up. Make sure you leave a comment for her when you do!

  • Make it easy for others to comment.
    • You get the reader to come to your blog, hook them with an awesome blog post [like this one right?], and then leave them with a question to post a thought in the box below but then you stick them with a CAPTCHA!! UGH!!! As a regular commenter, I hate CAPTCHA. Seriously, with a passion. Rebecca @ Caravan Sonnet hits the nail on the head. Commenting should be easy. Nobody wants spam but there are some bloggers who simply will not comment if they have to sign up for some other service or deal with CAPTCHA. I am one of those bloggers. If you have CAPTCHA turned on and I comment frequently on your blog, you know how much I love you because I cringe EVERY time.

  • Reply, reply, reply!
    • It seems like a no brainer, but reply to your comments. When comments are sent to your email it takes only a moment to send a reply, if they are not a no-reply blogger [see above]. It means the world to me when readers leave notes at the end of my posts [hint, hint] and I want you to know that I read them all! Even the two word posts get my attention. I also try to post the emailed replies to my blog to demonstrate to others that I do reply! Again, don't be a no-reply blogger.

  • Be yourself. 
    • Do you compartmentalize your personality? Do you have a "work self", a "church self", a "grocery story self" and a "around my in-laws self"? Well, that sounds exhausting! Being authentic and sharing yourself with your readers is key to being a successful blogger. No one wants to be talked at all the time. Remember, blogging is relational. Some of my favorite posts that I've written have been revealing, very open and honest stories about my personal life.

  • Use social media wisely.
    • And make it work for your benefit. Honestly, my favorite social medium is Twitter. I link EVERYTHING from Facebook to Instagram and even Pinterest tomy Twitter feed. And the reason being is that there are millions of people checking twitter every day. And about 500,000 new members join every day. That is a HUGE market! You can learn more about using social media to market your blog.  

  • Pictures are literally worth 1000 words.
    • Make your photos big with captivating images. Test out photography angles to enhance your images. There are some awesome tutorials out there that I would highly recommend. 


  1. Great Tips! Thanks for following through the blog hop!

    Rachel from Brachel Boulevard

  2. Such a good post :) I know replying in a timely fashion is something I stink at but I'm working on it.
    Also, CAPTCHA immediatley deters me from commenting it's just stressful.

  3. Great post! It was exactly what I was looking for this morning!!

  4. Great advice! Love the notion of commenting up a storm! I make sure to do that much more now, than I ever did before. Also, the captcha thing, I turned mine off a few months ago and was LITERALLY inundated with spam emails and comments. It was so bad I had to turn it back on. You can see my complex here!

  5. This is such a great post! Perfect advice for all bloggers!

  6. Thanks for the tips! I try to remember that I too am a reader and to treat other bloggers how I want to be treated ( comments, follows, emails etc), but it is tough work keeping up with it all! I am still a newbie blogger and learning the ropes. What do you think has helped you most get new regular readers; advertising, blog hop sponsors, giveaways? I am experimenting with it all right now!

    Thank you!

  7. Such a great post! I love connecting with people and the Captcha thing kills me. Also when bloggers only respond in Blogger/Worpress and not by email too. I never see their response, unless I remember to check back.

  8. Great post! I didn't realize Captcha was such a deterrent. I just turned it off based on your post! Thanks for the heads up on that!


  9. Loved all these suggestions! Especially the commenting/replying. Sometimes I feel like I stalk some bloggers because I constantly comment and never get replies. No fun

  10. These are great tips... Thanks for writing this!

    Also - I got your note the other day, and it brightened my day in a way you wouldn't even believe. I had completely forgotten that you were going to send it, so it was such a sweet surprise. Thanks for being such a sweetheart. :)

  11. Great tips! Love the emphasis on community in the blogging world :) Also, still haven't figured out how to be a no-reply blogger as a WordPress user! Lol.


  12. Love this, and THANK YOU - for the love of god people, please take off CAPTCHA. It looks like "GOTCHA" which is how I feel everytime I press enter after leaving an awesome comment and that horrid CAPTCHA box pops up. And I make a lot of comments from my phone, so I usually will just leave without even trying to fill that thing out.

  13. Excellent publish! I did not recognize Captcha seemed to be such prevention. I recently switched it away depending on your publish! Many thanks for the minds on that!

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