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Top 5 Weekly Home DIY Pinterest Pins

07 August 2013

Happy Wednesday!! Mr. Collier and I began discussions this week about our future home. Now, we aren't acting on anything yet because we still have plenty more to save AND we have no idea if we will stay in Music City or not (although we'd be completely content if we did!!!). As you might imagine, I have house hunting on the brain! It certainly doesn't help that it is Wednesday and I'm ogling at all of these home decor pins on Pinterest. See for yourself!

Inspired Bohemia

I love the wall of fabric in the sewing loops. They are dynamic, add texture as well as color to the basic white wall. And you have the opportunity to coordinate or mismatch however you like!


What an awesome bedside table!! You've seen the cutting boards on Etsy that are in the shape of states but this is a TABLE! Imagine how cool this would be in the shape of the state within which you met your significant other. Or you could even do your home states. Ours would look so different!!

What is the worst thing about playing a game night? Finding the pens and paper of course! Kick that problem to the door with a chalkboard paint game table! Genius right?  


I've been thinking a lot about home offices again. The reason being is that I currently write from my kitchen table. But by having all of my things (computer, papers, keys, etc) on there, Mr. Collier and I don't eat there and it sort of makes our house appear messy [which to be honest, it is]. We have a spare bedroom where my college Ikea desk currently resides. It is a total disaster, the room feels cramped and need some serious TLC, home edition. I love the simplicity of this desk. The chair doesn't look all that comfortable though. I love the light and the plant. Soft colors. I could definitely be productive sitting there. You can see more desks at my dream work from home board on Pinterest

The Friendly Home

A natural extension from my previous thought about a "catch-all" type place when we enter the house. Do you have a spot like this? I love the up cycled door/bench combo. Notice the drawer which would be perfect for shoes! And a couple of hooks for purses and keys! I need one of these!!!

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  1. I know we just had this conversation, but that home office looks PERF! Ugh, I hate to think about how much TLC mine needs!!