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You Can Take the Girl Out of Chicago....

08 August 2013

Did I ever mention that I'm from Chicago? Yep! Born and raised. That is why my co-workers in Nashville claim that I talk funny. Ok, then. There is something special about the Windy city and it will always be a part of me!

You know when you are from Chicago when:

  1. The first two questions that you ask when you find out someone is from Chicago are "Where about/What
      'side'? and "What high school did you go to?

  2. You know the phone numbers to Luna and Empire Carpet by heart.

  3. 815, 708, 773, 312 mean something to you when they show up on your caller I.D.

  4. It will always be the "Sears" tower.

  5. You use words like pop (soda), bag (sack), expressway (interstate) and people get confused.

  6. Marshall Fields makes Frango mints. Period. End of discussion.

  7. Spring starts when it is 40 degrees F outside.

  8. The only reason to attend the Taste (Taste of Chicago) is for a smoked turkey leg, frozen grapes from
      Dominick's, fries from Harry Caray's and a scoop from the Rainbow Cone.

  9. You put your CTA pass in the correct way.

10. You can tell identify real pizza.


  1. It's not the Sears Tower anymore?

  2. I say pop and Joe gets all upset with me and tries to correct me. And I'm from Utah.... hahahaha. I need to visit Chicago, I think it should go on my vacation bucket list! :)

  3. Too right! Although I say soda... Not sure why? Gotta love Chicago :D