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Visit the Ryman Auditorium & The First #TNBloggers Post Link-up!

12 July 2013

Mr. Collier and I live in Nashville a.k.a. Music City. Being such, I would highly recommend that you make a trip down to visit if you haven't been because it the most wonderful city ever [especially in the summer]. Heading downtown to the Broadway main strip will not only fill your ears but also your bellies as the honky-tonks have no cover, live music and some great hospitality. When the weather is nice all windows are open. But the cherry on the Sunday is seeing a concert at the Ryman auditorium. Heck, you don't even have to see a concert. Just visit on a tour. Not only is the Ryman a beautiful and historical building but it is living with music history. Oh if those walls could talk! I'd sit there for days to listen. 

Mr. Collier and I went to our first concert at the Ryman Auditorium this summer to see She & Him. What a great experience! Instead of seats, you sit on wooden church pews and are surrounded on the upper level by stained glass windows. I have never had such an intimate concert going experience in a crowd as I did at the Ryman. Go. You will not be disappointed! 

Welcome to the FIRST EVER #TNBloggers Post Link-Up! 

What is a "must-do" thing in your Tennessee city during the summertime?


  1. I'll have to link up next time!! Lots of fun things to do in Nashville!!

  2. :) looks like a lot of fun Sarah! :)