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Pretending To Be Perfect

19 July 2013

TGIF!!!! Can you believe that it is here?! I can't! I am even more excited because Mr. Collier are, as we speak, on a plane heading to the beach for vacation. That's right. While you are sitting here reading, I am eating peanuts for breakfast on a Southwest plane headed to Florida! As such, I've asked some of my favorite blogger to keep you company while I'm gone. They are the best of the best. And I know you won't be disappointed [because I've already read all their posts and you'll love them!].

Hi friends! 
Gotta begin by thanking Mrs. Collier for allowing me to guest post here today. Isn't she just the best?! I love her blog, as I'm sure you do too because, well, you're here. :) name is Emily and I blog over at Newlywed Moments about everything from romance to recipes to real life. 

Some random facts about me: I got married June 2012 to my best friend and high school sweetheart. I love Jesus. I hate coffee but I’m still addicted to Starbucks. I’m from the northeast but secretly wish I lived in the south. 

But let's get real. Sometimes it can be fun pretending to be perfect. But the truth is, I'm not. I've learned a lot of things lately, and had a lot of "whoops" moments.

Thought I'd share my top five with ya whoops moments of the week with ya!

1. "I'll have dinner ready by 5" doesn't mean start at 4:55. Whoops.

2. I should really buy some stock in a paper towel company. Bought a roll of paper towels Friday and it was gone by Monday. Whoops.

3. Creative DIYs are not my thing. I tried to be thrifty and do handmade curtains, but ended up in a crying mess over it. Whoops.

4. A "clove" of garlic is one little piece inside the thing of garlic you buy at the grocery store. When a recipe calls for nine cloves of garlic, it doesn't mean you buy nine huge things. Whoops.

5. To the sketchy guy who pounded on my door at 6:30 PM when my husband's not home. Sorry, not going to answer. Oh wait, you were delivering a package for me and now I have to walk to the leasing office to get it? 

What were some of your "whoops" moments this week?


  1. Always enjoy Emily's "whoops" moments :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! And Sarah, thanks again for having me -- hope your vacation is fabulous!