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Dang! 2013 is half over!

01 July 2013


Bye, bye 2013 or at least half of it! Are you sticking with your New Year's Resolutions? Remember, those promises that you made to yourself to get fit, be a better person or places that you were going to travel? Check out my original New Year's Post as well as my JanuaryMarchAprilMay, and June updates.

1. One for health: I am going to continue my pursuit of a better me by increasing my exercise habits, reducing my sugar intake, cutting carbs and substituting tea for coffee after 8 a.m. I will be working on staying hydrated throughout the day keeping my tummy full and my system clean. 

07/01: I am starting a new challenge this month to supplement my current fitness and diet routine. I am going to be evaluating and incorporating online fitness videos to my day. I can't wait to share with you what I discover! I'm a huge fan of FitSugar videos. They are short but still pack a great workout. I am still staying hydrated and drinking coffee. But I totally skipped out on the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I just feel sorry for Karina and Katrina having to spend their jobs in bikini's. Have you ever stopped to think about that? No one is perfect. They have "fat" days just like me. And they have to show up in a bikini or kill themselves working out to avoid bloat days. No thanks! 

06/01: Hello five months and literally a moment of truth because summer is here. Remember those "warm weather" clothes in sizes that fit last year, well it has now been determined that the number on the scale is a big fat, no pun intended, liar. My summer/spring clothes are fitting very loose around the waist. Hallelujah!  I'm actively taking at least 4 BarreAmped classes per week at the Nashville location where I shake and sweat myself silly. I take two or three normal barre classes then at least one advanced per week upgrading to the monthly unlimited class access. I even started the Yogalosophy DVD my Santa Mother-in-Law gave me for Christmas. If Jennifer Aniston looks good from doing it, I must right? Sure it only took like 6 months but again, better late than never! I think I might be a fitness junkie. I constantly feel like I need more fitness activities such as walking, running or Pilates. I even joined the Tone it Up Bikini Series although I haven't gotten into many of their fitness videos yet. Maybe a goal for June!

My aversion of processed foods is in full swing. I'm all about making food at home where I can control the ingredients. I am making my own fruit leather, peanut butter, snack crackers and dinners. Nuts, fruits and veggies are my go-to snacks. I'd highly recommend Amazon for those type of bulk dry ingredient purchases for better deals (almondscashews and peanuts). Fresh is a high priority. My caffeine has decreased to one cup a day while my water has gone up to about 80 oz a day. I prepare a pitcher of lemon water to kick start my hydration in the morning and finish up at night. 

2. One for wealth: This year I resolve to reduce my frivolous spending on clothes, coffee, snacks and groceries. All savings will be set aside and left untouched. Mr. Collier and I are hoping to save enough to get a down payment on our first home in the coming year or two. That and we may have to make a car purchase if his truck decides to bite the dust.

07/01: I am still in good shape financially. Still haven't gone for a true mani/pedi, although the girls painted my nails at camp and I have given myself a home pedi. Our savings continues to grow which is awesome! We finally listed our truck on craigslist. Just waiting for a bite. 

06/01: Financially, I am in pretty good shape! I've kept at least $20 in my bank account over the last two weeks. May has been the mega travel month and with traveling comes fees up the ying yang. I am still using the K-cup gift from my birthday in March. We still have yet to list the truck but our savings is kicking butt and taking names! Also, this year I have decided against several more expensive activities such as season theater tickets and frequent mani-pedis. Mr. Collier and I are still going on breakfast dates each week.

3. One for me: This year I resolve to spend quality time with the Lord each day in prayer, bible study and prayer journaling. I spent some time throughout the year working on a daily bible verse and devotional in my Christian walk blog but I could always improve in daily renewal in the Spirit.

07/01: I have made strides to draw nearer to God. On Wednesday nights, we've been attending Simple Worship at our church which is a more contemporary service. Such an uplifting time! I also have made it a point to read my daily verse on the Bible app on my phone. And subsequently post that to my personal Facebook page. I'm thinking of reading through an entire book of the Bible each month. I had a really invigorating experience spiritually as a chaperon at Youth Camp. The pastor at camp suggested to listen to praise and worship music as a way to continue that "camp high" and he was right. I've been listening to The Fish on my i Heart Radio app on my phone at work.   

06/01: I can't say that I've done awesome at this. I've seen prayers answered with the passing of my grandmother after a prolonged stay in a vegetative state. She is in heaven, I know that without a doubt. I seriously need to work on this by inviting the Lord into my day, every day.  

4. One for humanity: This year I resolve to spend one day per month volunteering and giving my time to those around me. When I moved to Nashville I joined Hands On Nashville to seek out volunteer opportunities but unfortunately, I've never followed through on that one

07/01: Besides volunteering my time with the Youth at church and with other church-related activities, I haven't done a great job at volunteering for humanity. And I am sort of stumped about how to get involved because I am really pressed for free time these days. 

06/01: The one for humanity has also be slacking for the month of May. I think in June I'd like to put together some care bags for summer with sunscreen, water bottles, sunglasses, snacks and chapstick. 

5. One for my marriage: This year I resolve to spend less time saying,"yes," to every person and their mother that asks me to be a part of something and spend more time with my husband. And by time, I mean not in front of the T.V. True, quality time. I want my marriage to be as beautiful as my wedding was. 

07/01: Dance classes are now over but we are doing awesome! Every day, I feel more and more blessed that God made Mr. Collier for me. I am working on serving my husband more through my actions. He is my best friend and I could not be any more honest in saying that marrying your best friend is the greatest idea in the whole world! 

06/01: Mr. Collier and I are still taking dance lessons and have been quite the pair! We are having tons of fun traveling and just being together.

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  1. I love when you post your resolution updates!! Your commitment always inspires me!