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Have you tried a Nature Box? [plus some Fitness Videos]

05 July 2013

Disclosure: I personally purchased the Summer Snack NatureBox with no affiliation with the NatureBox Company.
All of these opinions are my own and are accurate (I'm not about to lie to you!).

Have you heard of NatureBox? It is a simple concept. You pay about $20 a month and you receive a NatureBox full of healthy snacks. Well, I kept seeing advertisements all over Facebook for $10 off your first order and promotions on Twitter for a $25 box [free shipping of course] of summer snacks. I'm all about healthy and I love to snack so I figured this might be a smart investment to at least try out [especially to see if it lives up to all the hype]. And I did. Now I'm telling you about it. 


The ordering process was very straightforward. I signed up, paid my money and then the waiting began. I was expecting the box to arrive within the week but the box didn't end up coming until the beginning of the next month! Whoa! Wasn't expecting that. Thank goodness I wasn't dependent on the snacks arriving quickly or I would have been sorry [and hungry or hangry]. 

When the package showed up at my door, I was as giddy as if it were Christmas morning. Yes, even when I am expecting a package. Trust me, it is fun ordering stuff. I see why QVC can be such a problem! Back to the NatureBox. Seven little pouches of snacks from fig bars to flavorful nut mixes filled the box. Each were in a resealable pouch which helped with the snacking process down the road. 

I'll be honest with you, the Guacamole Bites were the first snack pack that I opened. Not only because I love avocado and the taste of guac but because I thought it was such a unique flavor for little corn sticks [akin to Frito's]. By far, these were my favorite non-sweet snack in the entire box. They were salty and crunchy! If I remember correctly, 1/4 or 1/3 of a cup is the serving size but there is no way to only eat that small amount. 

BBQ Kettle Kernels are dried corn kernels with a smokey BBQ flavor. They pack a crunch but I'll be honest, they are one of the last snack pouches remaining in the cabinet. 

I love fig bars. Newton's or Great Value brand, really it doesn't matter they always end up in our shopping cart. What was unique about these NatureBox fig bars was the flavor: Fig and Raspberry. That combined with the whole wheat of the cookie..mmmm deliciosos!! I'm still sad about how fast these went! 

The tangy lemon pistachios were my favorite nut product of the NatureBox because they were awesome!!! I ended up eating the majority of this bag with a friend over lunch.

The Lemon Meringue Waffle cookies were crisp and very easy to snack on. Since the serving size was the entire pouch, I never felt guilty about eating these guys. Because all of these snacks are supposed to have natural flavors, I was slightly disappointed that these were not complimented with vanilla instead of the slightly synthetic-tasting meringue flavor.

The Salsa Spiced Nut Mix was not a favorite of mine at first because I felt like the majority of the snacks were just nut mixes. But, as I ate the salsa mix, I grew to love it. It was spicy and flavorful! The cashews and little croutons mixed in made it quite the enjoyable snack. 

The final pouch in the NatureBox was the Taj Mahal Snack Mix. Flavorful and dynamic. I was quite impressed with the wide range of seeds, nuts and dried fruit which complemented nicely with the seasoning. It was sweet and savory. 

Overall I was pleased with the interesting and diverse snacks sent to us in our NatureBox but am not sure how I would feel about becoming a member for $20 a month. Granted, for fresh snacks with high quality ingredients, I'd likely pay about the same or more on my own at the store. I would recommend giving them a try. And it did take some pressure of me having to worry about our snacks for the month! 

Yup! Two posts in one! I'm super pumped to tell you about my latest obsession: short workout videos! Not only does the short aspect appeal to my lack of motivation because, come on, I could get through a 10 minute or less workout video but I enjoy how pairing different videos together creates a completely new [and free] workout! I find most of these videos on pinterest, so I'd recommend you follow me for the latest fitness pins

Tracy Anderson is a beast! Girl, she works your arms out like crazy in this video. I can't even make it through the whole way! You should check out some of her other videos posted to my Fitness Pinterest Board.

Jeanette Jenkins is another trainer and fitness expert with her DVD, Blast the Belly Fat . She stopped by FitSugar to dissolve some belly fat in this 10 minute video. FitSugar has some of my favorite workout videos of all time on there. 

Cassey Ho, owner of Blogilates creates killer workouts to popular Pop songs. In this rendition of "Call Me Maybe" prepare your butt for squatting through the song!  

There you have it. A little arms, cardio and lower body workout. On me! Do you have any fitness videos that you work on at home? Share them in the comment box below! If you try these videos, let me know how you like them! 


  1. I've been wanting to try Nature Box... maybe I'll check it out with the coupon.

  2. Nature box looks soooo good, but I hate being allergic to tree nuts!!! Seriously everything healthy has them :(

  3. Hmm. I'm totally gonna have to look into this. These snacks look so yummy!