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Marriage Talk w/ Amberly @ Life with Amberly and Joe!

22 July 2013

Hello friends! I am Amberly and I blog over at Life with Amberly and Joe.

Like Sarah, I love to write about married life and being a wife! Joe (referred to as husband on the blog) and I have been married for just a little over two years now, and it has been one fun, wild ride! We have a quirky, fun love story and life with him is never dull. As much as I love the guy, there are a few things he does that have taken a little bit of time for me to learn to live with, but I'm slowly figuring them out and some I've even learned to love!

1- How he uses his charisma to get out of trouble.
My husband has a talent for charming his way out of any corner that he backs himself into. When we were first married, this irritated me more than anything! If I was upset at him about something, I just wanted to be angry gosh dang it!!! But he'd smile his sweet, innocent, handsome smile and bat his long, perfect eyelashes (my children better get those) and say funny things until I couldn't help but laugh. After two years, this is something that I really love. He can turn any bad day around in just a few minutes!

2- His obsession with saving money and budgets. 
This is something that has turned out to be a really good thing in our marriage because I can be kind of a big spender. Money tends to be an exciting topic in our relationship instead of one that causes a lot of contention and fights. Because of his excitement for all things money, all of our cars are paid for, I will never have to take out student loans, we're never tempted to use a credit card, and I have more self control when it comes to spending. Recently we started using our own version of Dave Ramsey's envelope system, and it has been good for the crazy spender in me who would like to buy up everything in sight!

3- He likes simple meals, without strong tasting ingredients.
I love to cook, and try new recipes so I was excited to have a husband to be my guinea pig. I really love to cook with onions and garlic and I love anything that contains pesto, but the husband avoids those things like the plague. My meals are also a little "too fancy" for him, usually if they contain more than five or six ingredients. So I'm learning to tone it down and stick to the basics while still having fun and trying new things.

The biggest thing I've come to realize after two years of marriage is that it's never going to be easy. There will always be things you disagree on and one of you is bound to be annoyed with the way things are done at some point in time. With time and patience, you can learn to accept the way your partner is and that you can't change how they do things. Who knows, you may even learn to love those little quirks!

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