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Simple, Healthy & Natural Three-Ingredient "ICE CREAM" & A Summer Cash Giveaway

09 July 2013

Oh yeah. I'm talking business! Remember how I told you a few weeks ago that I am down with making natural and often inexpensive but always healthy versions of my favorite foods [like peanut butter for example]? Well, I found this recipe on Pinterest [on my Recipes:Desserts board] that was perfect for the sweet tooth that Mr. Collier and I have been having around 8:30 p.m. each night this summer.

You know the feeling, right? Dinner has settled and while watching T.V. you feel that it is summertime which is deserving of ICE CREAM! But, for us, we don't want to completely ruin our healthy daytime eating for a Reese's blizzard from Dairy Queen. If you are like us, I've got a great solution for you! 3-ingredient ice cream! 

Yup! All it takes is a large frozen banana, 2 tbsp. of peanut butter and some vanilla extract . No joke! It is beyond simple and it comes out creamy just like soft serve ice cream. Think of the natural benefit of the sugars that you are getting from the banana and the vanilla extract extract as compared to some crushed up Oreo's or hot fudge!! Since the base is simple, a large frozen banana and peanut butter, it could theoretically be dressed up with all of the traditional flavors. If you are allergic to peanuts, try almond butter. If you want chocolate, add some cocoa powder. If you want strawberry, add some fresh strawberries! If you want sprinkles, girl you go go sprinkle crazy!

I added my raw peanuts to MarshMellow, my food processor , and allowed the peanut butter to generate. Then, I peeled my banana [I keep bananas that turn brown in the freezer for purposes like this] and added it in chunks directly into the peanut butter in the food processor. I let MarshMellow do its thing and intervened with a spatula to keep the ingredients working together. I  added a drip or two (probably about 1 tbsp.) of vanilla extract extract that Mr. Collier and I had made ourselves last Christmas out of bourbon. Keep processing until magically it turns into "ice cream."  You seriously won't believe it! Nor will you be disappointed. 

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  1. I'm always looking for something sweet and normally end up eating a scoop of peanut butter. I need to try this ice cream recipe! Thanks for linking up with Jess and I!

  2. That looks so yummy and with only 3 ingredients who can so no?! Not me!

  3. No matter how you scoop it, ice cream is delicious. I would be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical about a three ingredient ice cream but, if it's healthy and delicious, it's definitely worth trying.


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  4. If I were to win the money, my husband and I would use it toward our anniversary trip to Chicago that we hope to have the money to do so in August!

  5. mmm that ice cream looks totally delish!! I must try it!

  6. Very nice Giveaway

    Giveaway oggi da me, ti aspetto!