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Why I Stopped Dating Other Men and Decided to Date Mr. Collier

25 July 2013

It all starts with a breakup. That's right. The story begins when I was actually engaged to someone else. When I met Mr. Collier for the first time, we were both involved in relationships. Breaking up with my ex-fiance was a long, drawn out process of which, Mr. Collier was not even aware. After Mr. Collier and I met at the beginning of 2008, we stayed in touch with phone calls every few weeks and we always had Facebook. But our communication had ceased because I spoke of how uncertain and uncomfortable my ex felt about me talking to someone [Mr. Collier] that I had only know for a day. [turns out Kyle knew a lot more than I did at the time!] Relationship broken. Wedding cancelled. It's Thanksgiving 2008. Mr. Collier and I went out on a first date a month later to Mammoth Cave and continued visiting each other ever since.

The story doesn't end there. In fact, Mr. Collier will say that he was "hook, line and sinker" but I wasn't so sure. I mean this guy, Mr. Collier, he was special. I knew from the first 24 hours I spent with him our interview weekend that we were supposed to be best friends. I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and wasn't entirely sure that I was ready for another one [knowing full well that any relationship with Mr. Collier would definitely be a serious committed relationship]. I liked him. So I wasn't going to ruin it by dating him too soon and it turning to dust before my eyes. So I went on dates while talking to Mr. Collier. Guys that I met on Match, while out with my girlfriends in social settings and others.

One date changed everything. Matt was a good looking guy with a job. We had grabbed coffee and he invited me out for dinner. It wasn't just any dinner at Panera or Chik-a-Filet, it was a fine Italian restaurant with indoor seating that made you feel as if you were on a Tuscan balcony. Our pre-arranged table was set up under this tree with twinkle lights. [It was romantic]. Matt ordered table service for a bottle of wine and we selected beautiful items from the menu to eat. [Fancy, right?]. And then the conversation started....

I inquired about his hobbies and interests. His family, friends, job--What were they like? And then we arrived at one of my favorite topics, bucket lists. [HAHA! It's true!!]. I asked him what he hoped to accomplish in his life and places he'd like to travel. After a few moments with no answer he inquired about my bucket list and I told him. As far back as I can remember, I had wanted to see inside of a cadaver [in a purely biological, not serial killer type of way!!!!] and I had the opportunity to accomplish this in my senior year of high school at a gross anatomy lab field trip at the end of the year [it was awesome!!!]. His response was nothing short of ideal,"Uhhh, what's a cadaver?" 

The illustrious date began to unravel like a sweater from Old Navy! After our meal I suggested that we travel to the adjacent bookstore, one of my very favorite places in town, to walk around and admire the books. Through our walking and talking it became apparent that he wasn't really interested in books or reading.[super bummer, right?]. And then the straw that broke the camel's back for me was in the local book section on the second floor. There it was. Eye-level on the shelf was a book about Mammoth Caves. I immediately grabbed it with my hand and started flipping through it. I pointed out all of the structures I had seen on my first date with Mr. Collier a few weeks earlier! I was elated! And I knew. 

Matt drove me back to my car. I thanked him for the date, got into my car, and picked up the phone. I had to talk to Mr. Collier. He picked up. I described my date in detail. I told him that I went out with this guy Matt who took me to a fancy and romantic dinner. Then we went to the bookstore and spent a hour walking around. And then I said,"But all it made me think about was YOU. And I think you are it for me."  



  1. Oh my gosh-I LOVE this story.

    I'm sort of in the throws of my own wild dating adventure. And I'm sort of at a point where the guy I'm "dating" is one heck of a special guy who I can't fathom not dating at this point.

    This is just a great story to listen to your heart and instincts!

  2. This is soooo sweet! I love y'alls story. I had no idea you were previously engaged. Everything happens for a reason! :)

  3. how sweet! Totally agree that everything happens for a reason!

  4. This is the sweetest story, and there's so much of it that I didn't know! Love you both!

  5. Love this lady :) And yay for January weddings! We got married on the 15th :)

  6. This story gives me hope that when you know, shoot, you know! Love this!

  7. Such a romantic story, I LOVE it!!! :)

  8. That is such a great story!! Sometimes you just have to have the chance to miss that special someone to know. Glad everything worked out in the end.