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Whoop! Whoop! Daisy & June Sponsor Spotlight

18 July 2013

Allow me to introduce my lovely sponsor for the month, MJ at Daisy and June. I only provide one big-time sponsor spot per month which allows all my attention to focus on you, your blog and promoting the wonderful things you say and do! Interested? Visit my sponsor page or just click here

Kathy a.k.a. MJ (stands for Modern June) is such an awesome lady. She blogs about her family, crafting, and daily adventures. Some of her favorite things include a cool breeze on her face when she's driving, the feeling when her favorite song of the moment comes on the radio, the way her husband smells when he is grilling [man smell is just delicious, right ladies?], the sound of her kids giggling and a cold adult beverage after a long day. And she has plenty of those with two businesses Daisy & June and The Savvy Craft as well as keeping up with a fun family of four! On top of that she is going to start homeschooling this fall! [Talk about a full plate! Like Old Country Buffet full! I will never complain about not having free time again!!!] I told you MJ was amazing!

She started her blog back in February of this year and has been chugging away ever since! My favorite posts of hers includes her Ten Things that Make Her Really Happy Post, her Light Weight Infinity Scarf Tutorial which really makes me want to learn to sew, and her posts on Teaching Her Daughter to Love Herself. I love her confidence and you can really tell that MJ is comfortable in her own skin. You go girl!! 

Although she calls herself a "baby blogger" she doesn't put too much pressure on herself. She blogs for fun about things that she is interested in. Her mantra is "There is always room for growth, one day at a time." Her biggest blogging achievement did come through a series she wrote on breastfeeding babies called "boobiegate." For this series, she interviewed fellow mommy friends and compiled beautiful pictures of moms feeding their babies. It is a powerful series. She says," It was an amazingly beautiful experience to have so many women trust me with their stories. I received quite a few touching emails from women thanking me for speaking out about all kinds of feeding and not just promoting one. To know that people came, saw and connected with what I had done meant the world to me."

MJ also shared her five go-to bloggers that she visits coffee in hand each morning. 
[I'd also recommend that you check them out!]

I obviously love To Be Mrs Collier - I was so nervous to apply to sponsor - I can neither confirm or deny I did a happy dance when I was approved ;) We have a so much in common and I love a woman who talks about her marriage in a positive way <3 That really speaks to me. I sometimes feel like I am all alone in this world of traditional marriage and reading Sarah's post on her marriage just hit home with me.

The Naptown Organizer - Jayne is amazing, she is a dear friend of mine and my kind of mom. She is that friend who always has something positive to say and who doesn't need that kind of bright spot in their life? As you may know from reading my blog I am kind of an accidental hippie and Jayne is often my go to hippie, crunchy guru.

The Pleated Poppy - I love everything about Lindsey's blog. Her fashion, her home school adventures, her creativity is always inspiring. And dang it if she isn't always smiling and just spilling over with happiness!

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - This woman(Ree) is one of my idols. You know that game -  who would you invite to dinner?? Yeah she's on my list. I get to actually share air with her in a few weeks at Blog Her! She made me fall in love with cooking - not throw something in the pan and call it a day but get in there and get your hands dirty cooking. She is also a spitfire and that is something I can really appreciate it.

Walking In Memphis in High Heels  - Laura is another one of my favorite blogs to read while I sip my morning coffee. She is so sunny and southern sweet. She has a killer sense of fashion that I live vicariously through as most of my clothes current have some form of baby spit up on them.

Make sure you stop by Daisy & June and say hello to MJ as well as follow her on 

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