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This ain't the Hunger Games! My tips to avoid cracking at 3 p.m.

21 June 2013

I'm pretty predictable. And I know that 3 p.m. I'm going to get hangry (hungry+angry). Often it is fuel by boredom but at 3 p.m. I get a major case of the munchies. Since I am trying to be healthy by watching what I put in my body, it is super important to me to avoid caving into those cravings. Am I always good, oh heck no! Acknowledging the problem or weakness is half of the battle, right? I know I can't be the only person with this struggle because it seems like Yahoo! posts something on this topic each week. This is basically my attempt to share my tips for dealing with those hangry pains. 


Ok, so let's pretend it is 3 p.m. and I look down at the clock. I'm starting to lose my energy. You with me? Here are my go-to tricks to push past the hangry and treat myself right. 

1. Drink water and wait 10 minutes. The first thing I do is get a big ol' glass of water and chug it. I mean not really chug it to get sick but I make sure that I fill up on water first before snacks become an option. If I drink that glass of water and still feel hungry when the timer goes off, then I proceed.

2. Move around. Sometimes a simple distraction like walking to the bathroom or going up a few flights of stairs makes me change my mind about eating when I get bored.

3. Search health and fitness pins on Pinterest or watch workout videos. I'm sure you are all like,"what is she talking about?" Well, I've found that looking at food pins or searching recipes is the WORST possible idea when I'm bored-hungry. Instead, I look at pictures or videos of workout moves which makes me second guess the purpose of my snacking as well as realign my focus on why I'm foregoing mindless eating. My favorite videos are from FitSugar. If you aren't familiar, I'd recommend it! They post FREE ten minute videos that are great for a quick yet dynamic workout. 

4. Brush my teeth. I love the feeling of clean teeth! Do you? If I take a few minutes to brush my teeth there is no way that I want to get those pearly whites all dirty again. Also, the mint flavor of toothpaste makes some snack flavors sound a lot less appetizing. 

5. Have a sugar free snack like a handful of almonds. I order almonds ten pounds at a time. In moments where I cannot curb those cravings almonds are my go-to snack. Dried fruit is perfect for these moments as well. 

What do you do to curb snacking or hunger in the afternoons?


  1. I've never seen this before! Who would have known!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha brushing your teeth is a smart one! I never want to eat right after I brush my teeth! I've accidently done it a few times before eating dessert and I chose to skip dessert because I didn't want to brush them again :)

    1. Exactly!! And some flavor combos just don't mix well with toothpaste!

  3. Great tips!! I need to try the water one. I KNOW I don't drink enough. And I always get hangry in the afternoon's too. :)

    1. Have you heard of powdered lemon? It is basically lemon flavor you can add to water that is 100% natural. Sometimes it is just hard to drink unflavored water all day long.

  4. Hey Mrs. Collier! These are some great tips that I will definitely have to remember the next time I get hangry. I am also a fellow Nashvillian!!!