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Spring Bucket List Revisited

11 June 2013

I only have 9 more days to finish this list!!!! Ahhhh!!! 

Apparently, true spring lasts from March 20th through June 20th according to Google. Therefore I've created a spring bucket "To-Do" list of all the things I want to achieve before summer rolls through!

  1. Plant herbs in my garden. 
  2. Go to Cheekwood to see the Tulips.
  3. Buy three new skirts to show off my slimming legs! (1 of 3) 
  4. Fly a kite.
  5. Go fishing.
  6. Rollerblade three times.
  7. Ride my bike four times. (1 of 4)
  8. Walk to get ice cream.
  9. Run a mile. 06/6/13 (11:44 minute mile)
  10. Write three notes to random people in my address books.
  11. Go to the batting cages. 05/29/13
  12. Play sand volleyball.
  13. Hike at Radnor lake.  06/01/13
  14. Eliminate 25% of my clothes on ebay.
  15. Plan a picnic with Mr. Collier (straw hat optional). Memorial Day


  1. What a fun list ! You can do it girl! I have faith in you!

  2. Go girl go. Good luck in remaining goals! Have good times flying a kite!

    New follower. Stopping from The Collective blog hop. Can't wait to read more!

  3. I sold a ton of clothes on EBay last summer and it felt good to get rid of the clutter!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea for a post! It will definitely hold me accountable! I love it and I know that you can definitely make your goals!

  5. Go girl! 9 days! You can do it! Haha