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I'll let you in on my secret. How I stay beautiful & a pretty sweet giveaway

28 June 2013

Hey ladies and gents! I'm all about being true to yourself and letting your inner beauty shine but there are just some beauty things that I do that are super weird, yet effective, that I just had to share them with you! I'm joining up with Ginny at Modern Commonplace Book who is hosting a giveaway with some awesome ladies: Kendra at Open SpacesChelsea at Lost in TravelsSarah at Limited Space Organizing, & Jacquelyn at Just Jacq. I'd encourage you to check them out and enter the giveaway below (of course after reading my beautification tricks). 

1. Deodorant on my feet. YUP. You read that correctly. I know that it sounds nuts but I hate having blisters on my feet when I wear heels for the night. I'm talking about for those long days at work or evening weddings where there is no way that I'm getting off the dance floor. And I'm no wimpy girl who takes off their shoes to dance, I'm tough. Thanks to deodorant . I apply my traditional deodorant to the sides, heels and tops of my toes where I know they are going to get sweaty and start to bark after a few hours. Surprisingly, it works! And it is easy for travel because you should be packing deodorant anyway. 

2. Exfoliating then shaving my legs with conditioner . YUP. I buy the cheapo coconut conditioner for shaving my legs. But I make sure to exfoliate before running the razor up my stems. I have been using the St. Ives knockoff from Target for years. In fact, it is still the same bottle. [Oh yeah. I just said that!] Anyway, I rub that apricot scrub vigorously all over my legs, rinse that off and start the shave-a-thon. My legs are smooth and the shave lasts about a day longer on average because of exfoliating first.  

3. Washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar . If you haven't caught on to the no 'poo trend I've been blabbering on about for the last month, then you should come back by the blog more often!! But basically, I've ditched traditional shampoo and conditioner for a more "natural" approach to hair hygiene. 

4. Vaseline on my cuticles. I have serious cuticle issues. I wear gloves and wash my hands all day at work so who would be surprised that I may pick at them in an OCD fashion? Well, I was talking to my Vietnamese friend at the nail salon and she recommended wearing Vaseline at night. You can put socks on over your hands to "seal" in the moisture or just go bare handed like I do. Anyway, in the morning, my cuticles look their best! And a jar of Vaseline is cheap!! 

5. Toothpaste on my pimples. Somehow I wasn't a few pimply teenage but when I would get the occasional red lump, my beautician friend told me to put some toothpaste on it. Use a thin layer for when you wear makeup because it will cake up like crazy but at night, who cares? I find white colored toothpaste to work better than any blue that I've tried. Sounds crazy, eh? 

What are some of your wackiest beauty habits?


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out :)

  2. I totally used to do the toothpaste-on-your-zit trick in high school!! I haven't done it in a while,but I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one, and that it actually is a "thing!" hahaha

  3. I never knew about deodorant on the feet... sounds crazy but makes sense. And I'm gonna have to try the exfoliating before shaving (conditioner is my go-to in a bind and always makes me wonder why I don't use it all the time since it makes my legs so silky).

  4. Cheap conditioner for shaving is such a good idea!! And I'm loving using baking soda and ACV for my hair, it seems so much more clean. I need to head out this weekend and get a big spray bottle for the baking soda because the little one doesn't last very long but other than that I'm loving it! Thanks for the idea :)

  5. Hmm.... the deodorant idea is a new one, I've never heard about it before! I'll have to try it sometime! :)

  6. LOVE this! I am going to share it to add to my post! I have never tried toothpaste on pimples, but will now! Does it make the redness go away?

    Also, I have done no poo and loved it! I stopped because my scalp started smelling like vinegar :) but it was great!

  7. Ok deodorant on the feet? BRILLIANT. I've always shaved with conditioner and I love that mess! Thanks for sharing! New follower! :)

  8. I've never tried toothpaste on pimples but if it works, I'm going to kill my pimple with pink Synsodyne!

  9. YOU ARE A GENIUS! I've never thought to use deodorant like that OR conditioner/exfoliation for my legs! I've been bad and just use body soap to shave with because I'm cheap, but it's not good at all! So excited about these new tidbits! Thank you!:)