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Top 5 Weekly Home DIY Pinterest Pins

19 June 2013

I've noticed over the last few weeks that subtle themes are reoccurring among pins [usually of the clock or pallet variety]. This week is no different. Apparently my subconscious-eye is searching for upcycling types of home improvements. Whether yard sale or thrift stores, may your projects be plentiful! 

Penny Vase
Vone Inspired

Covering things in pennies is quite popular! I personally am head over heels for this vase! Take an ordinary vase, paint it a dark color and cover it in pennies! It will literally cost you cents [hahah...pun] to make.

Two-Toned Bar Stools
Morgan Goes to Rome

Sure you can find bar stools at just about 3 in 5 yard sales, give or take. Painting them a flashy fun color like the coral is cool but you can take it to the next level like Morgan did here and play with an accent color such as gold. Turquoise would be another excellent color to complement the gold. 

To-Do List Heaven

Are you a crazy person like me that has to have a To-Do list going at all times? Well think about the possibilities [besides Pictionary or an never-ending game of kitchen hangman] for this beautiful creation. Use butcher paper on a rod to always keep track of your empty items or memos to self. 

The Coolest Couch on the Planet
[no it does not have a foot rest that kicks out]
Mettes Potteri 

I love the idea of putting two twin beds together to create a "day time" living space and a "night time" guest space. I'd totally put this in a spare room or even in a finished basement. What you are looking at is two, twin beds that are hooked together underneath with folded foam as the couch cushions. When you are a host, unhook the beds from the "L" shape and make two, twin beds or one full/queen sized bed. GENIUS!

Upcycled Plate Shutter Storage

I love how country chic this dish rack is created out of a worn window shutter. The simplicity just draws me in! Not only is it a very creative storage solution, it functions as wall decor. Imagine Fiesta ware dishes in multiple ombre shades cascading down the shutter slats. Oooh!! So cool!! 


  1. That vase looks amazing!!! I would love to try that!

  2. Love the grocery list! So rustic and cute!

  3. Loooove the penny vase!!! Good find! =)