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A Great Weekend Recap: Rugby Tournament

06 May 2013

A few weeks ago, I can't believe that is has been this long, my dear friend Katie came to Nashville for a visit! Her husband plays on the Chicago Dragons Rugby Football Club team and they were in a tourney hosted by none other than the Nashville Grizzlies! The Nashville Grizzlies have an awesome presence here in Nashville and are infamous for their Red Dress 5K that Mr. Collier and I have run in before. 

It was a cold but beautiful weekend for the actual tournament. The guys played for the majority of Saturday which provided ample time for Katie and I to reminisce about high school, when we met all the way through college and through the present day. Up until this point I had never watched a rugby game EVER. Period. But I must admit despite the confusing rulings on the field and pack-like formation it was quite entertaining. These guys are seriously tough.    


  1. So glad you got to catch up with your friend! I love having friend reunions!

  2. I'm am SO not into this. But Rugby looks scary!

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