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Let's Get Bananas: Introducing My Big!

09 May 2013

Newlywed Moments

You have to meet Ashley at Let's Get Bananas! She is my "big" in the Bigs & Littles Network. Ashley is the coolest kid on the block! She and her hubby, Joey are shacked up in Texas. Get this, Joey and lovable pooches Bowser and Axel started "Let's Get Bananas" for her as a gift in October of 2012. Talk about an attentive family! She's been blogging ever since. Join her on Tuesdays for the Taste of Tuesdays linkup! I do. 

She and I have a lot in common with DIY projects, mani/pedis and a deep love for food. The reason I look up to Ashley as my "big" transcends numbers but she is the kind of blogger that I aspire to be. She has found her voice and has a sweet one at that. Without further ado, here is Ashley:


  1. YAYY!!! Thanks for writing such a sweet post about me!! xoxo

    1. Absolutely! It is 100% true! And that's scientific!

  2. Just found you through Ashley's blog!! Glad to find another Tennessean blogger!! Yay!! Loving your blog so far!! :)