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April Cara Box Recipient Spotlight: Meet Kelsey!!

02 May 2013

Meet Kelsey!
"I want people to know that Keeping Up With Kelsey is a way
better reality "show" than the Kardashian's!"

This, my bloggy friends is Kelsey. She and I were paired up during the April Cara Box Exchange as I was her sender. I had a blast getting to know Kelsey as she is one vivacious lady. I wanted to take breather and showcase my awesome new friend. She lives on a farm in Nebraska (cool, right?) and spearheaded the Nebraska Bloggers Connect to unite Nebraska bloggers (sort of where I got the idea to linkup Tennessee Bloggers so you can definitely thank her for that!). 

A Few of Her Favorite Things:

1. Country Music- I'm obsessed with a couple things, country classics (specifically Dolly Parton)

2. Water Bottles- I have this thing with loving water bottles. I rarely fill them with plain ol' h2o because to be honest, I hate the taste of water. I usually have lemon water or those cheapo drink mix packets I add to them. I have four CamelBak water bottles and I'm wanting to buy another because I get bored with the ones I have. Also, I have about five or six tumblers. Ya, I use them all on a rotation according to the day of the week. Don't. Judge.

3. Clothes- I lack style and I cannot dress myself. Seriously, if I don't see the inspiration on Pinterest or a mannequin I refuse to buy something. Although I'm a girly girl, my newest obsession is anything/everything that has to do with neons and pastels. I've become addicted to the color mint and coral. 

4. Red Tractors- So, this is an obvious one, but seriously, do you know how hard it is to find decorative household things that are cute with RED tractors?! It's harder than mission impossible sometimes! Like seriously, everything is JD green, nothing is Case red. Come on manufacturers! Not everyone wants nasty green crap....

5. Working Out- I'm becoming in love with workout clothes. Why? Because they're fun to wear and I feel "dressed up" when I put them on. Weird, lame and an excuse to make people think I work out more often then I really do ;)

Total Rad 80's 5K

Her Blogging Goals: 

I originally started out wanting to get this blog going to show my family and friends what I've been up to without having to blast it on social media (i.e. fbook and instagram). 
Then, becoming friends with other bloggers and realizing there's a whole new world of friends and connections through the blogging community I started to see my blog morph into a fun place to share my tid-bits of life. 

Eventually I want this blog to become a potential part-time income, make a couple bucks and give out advice! But, I feel that's everyone's big dream. Instead I'll choose to set myself apart and say I want to make XX (secret number) per year off my blog. Weather that be through sponsoring ads, product reviews or other means. I want this to be a potential side business that could launch off and show others that being crazy and posting about randoms can be an income. How fun would it be to make this a part-time gig allowing me to stay home and raise my non-existent children?! 

Also, I want people to know that Keeping Up With Kelsey is a way better reality "show" than the Kardashian's! I mean come on, my life isn't scripted and I do more dumb stunts than their stunt doubles would think of!

Her Biggest Blogging Achievement:
Being mentioned on your blog! That and being mentioned on other people's blogs. Nothing gets me more giddy than seeing that others are interested in me enough to feature a little about me. If you check out my blog on the right hand side I have a featured area that shows just where I've been lucky enough to be mentioned at!

Kelsey and her farmer man have been together for 3 years! 

On Blogging in the Next Year:
I'm hoping that within the next year I'm getting more interaction in blog land. If that means making a bigger income off this little tid bit than fab but if it's just connecting and finding new friends that are real-life ladies that check in with me to see what I've been up to I'm totally excited about that. I'm really not sure where this will go but I want to make sure that this is a place where everyone feels welcome. To know that I'm extremely personable and I'm here to lend an ear no matter the situation! I hope that by this time next year I'll be keeping you guys up to date on my farm happenings, giving you more pinterest project updates and maybe even showing you guys what's going on with a new house remodel. Here's to my second year in blog-land!!


Meet me over at the Bloglovin' Collective bloghop today! 


  1. Ok seriously, you're the bestest person EVER! I cannot wait to see if we can get an exchange going for the states thing! We should totally wrangle up other states too :D Thanks for letting me hog your blog for the day!

    1. are! Thanks for linking up with me homie-K!