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Stay Hydrated!

16 April 2013

Why is it so important to stay hydrated? 


Water is essential for life. In all honesty, it is much more important than food. A human can survive only three days without water and yet up to three weeks without food! Our bodies are made up of greater than 60% water. We need water!! Our cells require water to function. Globally water allows us to absorb nutrients and rid our bodies of impurities. Most often, people who crave food are often times dehydrated which can lead to over consumption. Bob Harper, trainer on the Biggest Loser, recommends drinking a glass of water before every meal. Since our brain alone is more than 70% water, staying hydrated helps us perform not only physically but also mentally. And think of the effects on your skin! I think about my worn-out body after a BarreAmped work out. I'm always sooooo thirsty. After the strain I put my muscles through they absolutely deserve a cleansing bath of sorts. And the satisfaction of drinking a cold glass of water simply cannot be replaced. Nothing is more refreshing!  

Why do "they" tell you to drink 8 glass of water a day? 

Training in the sciences, I once has the opportunity to ask a kidney scientist this question. He was adamant about how during dieting it is just to fill up your stomach so you are less full. It makes sense but in light of the requirement for water for our daily life I began to wonder what it would be like to fulfill that 8 glass suggestion. I started with the fitness tracker app MyFitnessPal. You can get it on your phone or use the program on the computer but essentially it is an awesome way to track what you eat. And also drink! For the past four days I've been tracking my meals and water consumption. 

As you can see from this screen shot, my water consumption was way low that day but a tracker like this allows you to be brutally honest with yourself and your intake. You quickly verify or deny your previously assumed "healthy" lifestyle. My blogging friend Danielle @ Butler Party of Two drinks about a gallon of water a day. Her blog has encouraged me to start the day by drinking an entire glass of water with or without lemon in it to rehydrate and get my system going.

I've noticed that with more water, I want coffee and caffiene less. I feel more alert and alive! And I love the perks of helping my kidneys to flush out my body as well as improve my skin. I haven't really noticed if increasing my water consumption results in less calories eaten so I am unable to speak to that. My favorite aspect of water and weight tracking is to see the data at the end of the day. It is super fun, for me, to track my water especially at work on MyFitnessPal. There is something gratifying about advancing that little button after every glass! I highly recommend you try it!  
On a second note, my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the friends and families met by the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday. Leave it up to Mr. Rogers to have some wisdom in times like these.

It is weird to think that the bad in the world allows us to see the "good." You cannot have the Yin without the Yang but it is unfortunate that bad things have to happen in order for the good in others to be seen by the world.  


  1. I really need to drink more water!!Great post!

    1. It is really challenging, Lindsey! Have you tried popping in some fresh fruit to liven up the H2O? Again, using My Fitness Pal is awesome because it is a reward to keep clicking the H2O button (at least for me)!!

  2. I find that if I keep a LARGE cup for water at my desk, I will absentmindedly drink it, automatically. If I use a smaller bottle or cup, I won't drink as much because I tend to not make myself get up and fill it. So, I'll use a 32-34 oz. cup with a straw (hospital ones are THE BEST!) and fill it twice during the work day. That already meets my daily requirement, and I drink more water at the gym and at home in the evening. :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle