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Spring Cleaning! Linen Closet

09 April 2013

Mr. Collier typically does the laundry in our home. Consequently, on any given week we have a mound of clean laundry that fails to be put away. Sure, I could tell you that other things come up but that would frankly be an excuse! When it comes to laundry, I instantly become lethargic. It is a serious condition! 

Recently, I got the gall to be an adult and put the laundry away solo. Mind you, the large mounds of clean laundry typically take about 45 minutes to an hour to fold and then I have to put it away! Grrr!! So, I'm standing in front of our open linen closet with a tower of folded bath and hand towels thinking,"Wow! This is messy!"

I had to do something about this. Somehow I can stand the clean laundry mountains but become irked by the messy closet. Priorities are different for everyone, don't judge! I stopped putting the laundry away and focused my energies on the closet. I tried many different tactics of organization that I had seen on Pinterest such as placing all of the sheet sets inside their matching pillowcases. I also rolled all of my towels both of beach and bath varieties. I must say that I my closet organization looks much better and it frankly more functional. I can't wait to dream up more spring cleaning projects! The challenge now is maintaining the organization....any tips?

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