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A Spring Bucket List

26 April 2013

Apparently, true spring lasts from March 20th through June 20 according to Google. Therefore I've created a spring bucket "To-Do" list of all the things I want to achieve before summer rolls through!

  1. Plant herbs in my garden.
  2. Go to Cheekwood to see the Tulips.
  3. Buy three new skirts to show off my slimming legs
  4. Fly a kite.
  5. Go fishing.
  6. Rollerblade three times.
  7. Ride my bike four times.
  8. Walk to get ice cream.
  9. Run a mile.
  10. Write three notes to random people in my address books.
  11. Go to the batting cages.
  12. Play sand volleyball.
  13. Hike at Radnor lake.
  14. Eliminate 25% of my clothes on ebay.
  15. Plan a picnic with Mr. Collier (straw hat optional).

What do you aim to do this spring? Check back to see my progress and stay tuned for the goals for summer!

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  1. I'm jealous you have an herb garden!! I've always wanted one! I buy cilantro at the grocery store almost every week!

  2. I want to do some of these with you!!