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Cut a Bagel to Fit in the Toaster

02 April 2013


(informerial voiceover) Do you ever have a delicious and possibly free bagel to eat for breakfast and no matter which way you cut it, you still get that awkward, un-toastery like shape? Well! I've got the tutorial post for you!

After my experience as an associate of a bagel shop in high school, I've been cutting bagels properly for years! The first cut is the most important cut, by far as it distinguishes the thickness of the slices. You want to place your bagel flat on your cutting surface with your un-knifed hand on top. Begin to cut in the exact middle of the bagel and proceed horizontally until about half-way through.

At this point you stand the bagel up perpendicular to the cutting surface and complete the cut straight down your previously created center line resulting in two even slices!


  1. I had no idea there was a right and wrong way! My aunt uses a bagel guillotine, so ... that does the work FOR you, basically! :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

    1. You have no idea how frustrated I was my first week in the bagel shop! It is quite tricky to coordinate that action not to mention frustrating after you cut a jagged line and the bagel slices still require a strong smush into the toaster!