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Ranch Turkey Burgers!

12 April 2013

Hey ya'll (Paula Dean Impression)! I'm sharing my super secret ranch turkey burger recipe with you today! It only requires two ingredients but by no means limit yourself to additions! You start with a pound of ground turkey and a packet of ranch salad dressing mix. Combine them in a bowl with your hands to ensure proper distribution of flavor.  

Roll the mixture into desired size. For this recipe, I went for 1/4 pounders but you could easily get 6-8 sliders out of one pound of meat. I placed them on a pre-heated George Foreman grill and let them sizzle (lid down) for about 6 minutes before checking them. After 6 minutes, I moved the bugers around on the grill as some spots are hotter than others. Using a meat thermometer, be sure to cook to approximately 160-165 degrees Fahrenheit. I ended up stabbing my burgers with the meat thermometer to allow for juices to escape. 

When they are all done they look and smell good enough to eat! You can also dose the amount of ranch that you incorporate into the meat as the flavor can be overpowering. Also take note of the salt content of the Ranch mix. Feel free to make your own ranch dressing mix as a healthier and more frugal alternative. 


I found this awesome pin on Pinterest where one could theoretically clean the George Foreman with ease. Have you ever tried to do that? They cook like a dream but when it comes to cleaning it is a total nightmare! As such, I thought that I would try out this "amazing" technique. 

Basically all you do is place a wet paper towel on the Foreman after cooking. The steam should loosen the food stuffs resulting in a simple wipe clean. Yeah...that didn't happen. What happened was the wet paper towel did steam but became too hot to the touch. And the fat and various meat remnants did not budge after this so called "steam cleaning." I determine that this pin is BUSTED!!! 


  1. These sound so good! I used to have a George Foreman and got rid of it because it was such a pain to clean!

  2. These look so good! I wish I had a George Foreman!

  3. mmm ranch burgers are amazing!
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