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Monday Musings

08 April 2013

There are several things that truly make me happy on a Monday such as this:

First, my coffee cup decorated/made with love by my dear friend Katie. She made this mug for me to remind me of where I came from, Chicago. She created this decoration with sharpies and baked them onto the cup! There is a great tutorial here from Lillian McKay on her blog. Without a doubt it is my work mug, my go-to. Similar to my friend that made it! 

Disney Princess band aids make my injuries that much more happy! I randomly pulled out this lovely thing after a deep scratch on Wednesday of last week. I've alternated from Belle, Ariel and Aurora (my personal favorite). I also am a fan of the Dora the Explorer band aids. Somehow a happy wound heals faster...although this has not be scientifically proven.  

Super soft hair that I cannot resist touching! I got a haircut...yes more than one hair was cut...tee hee hee. Why is it that the shampoo and products the stylists use not only make your hair look amazing but also super soft and healthy? Anyway, 24 hours later and my hair was irresistibly soft and super cute in a low pony! 

I love when I walk down the hall, or anywhere for that matter and my thighs don't rub together. I know this is probably the weirdest thing but it is the biggest pet peeve for me! There is something about the sound and the abrasive feeling on my inner thighs that I simply cannot stand. So I got new jeans at the Goodwill on Saturday that make my legs look awesome. Besides, the back pockets are really bejeweled from New York and Co. WIN, Win, win. 

What makes your Monday special? 

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