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Five Random Facts about Me

15 April 2013

Five Random Facts about Me

  • I collected turtle stuff when I was younger. Statues, snow globes, stickers, bookmarks and t-shirts you name it! 
  • I have a garlic intolerance...yup! No garlic for this girl :)
  • My favorite tree is a palm tree. They always appear to be happy. 
  • Lemon and vanilla are my favorite flavors of everything!
  • I have a crooked toe on my right foot. 


  1. (What is going on in this picture?! Funny.)

    My five randoms:
    1: I have a king sized bed all to myself, and every few months, I change sides. Swap everything on and in the night stand. I gotta mix it up.
    2: 1:30AM is my most productive time of day. Darn.
    3: I did not know how to do laundry until I was in college. No one taught me, I don't sort except whites, and I've never ruined any clothes.
    4: I'm single so this is NOT even remotely close to being an issue, but one of the only things that freaks me out about marriage is the wedding part. I hate planning. Someone else will have to do it.
    5: My four animals sleep with me every night. I love it.

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

    1. Wow Gayle! 1:30 a.m. that is rough!! I have to take at nap at 9 p.m. just to have enough energy to brush my teeth. Thanks for sharing!