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10 April 2013

Hello lovely viewers out there who may or may not be I just talking to myself?? Even if I am just talking to myself, I picked out some really interesting pins this week from Pinterest. Some I could easily do to our home but others are just bizarre. But it is the bizarre that makes them worth pinning, right?

Giving Concrete Character
diamond shaped door mat painted on exterior entryway of house
Painting patterns into those concrete slabs adds a touch of dimension and flair. I could easily see this on a front stoop or back patio space. Any number of patterns would work: houndstooth  chevron or traditional stripes to name a few. I love the color selection here because the gold/brown play well off of the black. 

Re-purposing Racks for Herb Gardens
Old Rack Spice Garden
Organizational racks such as these can be found at flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales on the cheap. Why not add a little growth to it for an upright garden? Notice the burlap to hold the dirt and roots from slipping through the little spaces. And again, you can paint the thing any color that you would like to match or not match your backyard. 

Hair Dryer and Straightener Storage Solution

My "hair supplies" drawer is always a hot mess. There are cords, hairspray, combs and brushes all fighting for equal space and facetime. With a PVC combo like this, you no longer have to covet the stylist's perfectly organized stand!

Trophy Tie Holder

How cool and bizarre is this? I imagine this would work with belts, keys and a variety of objects that require creative hanging. I never considered spraying trophies a monochromatic color let alone hanging them on a wall. But it makes a lot of sense! 

Fabric Liner for Drawers
I've seen variations of drawer liners with scrapbook paper as an alternative to the traditional contact paper method but this is a stiffened fabric as a drawer liner. Any Jo-Ann's or fabric stores provide a plethora of possibilities! 


  1. LOVE the painted concrete!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I do too! I've not seen anything like it! Too bad that I am a renter :(

  2. Hi! I'm happy to be co-hosting the blog hop with you! I adore the rack for the herb plants and I love love love the scrapbook paper in the draw!

  3. Hello!! I am stopping in from the Collective hop and I am loving this pins! The trophy tie hooks are so great! I would have never thought of something so neat!!
    Happy Thursday!!!

  4. Hi! Stopping by from the hop & your newest follower! Love the concrete stoop! So neat! Would love to have you stop by & follow along!

    Amy @ keepin' up with the Smith's

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