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Top 5 Weekly DIY Home Pinterest Pins

24 April 2013

We're here and it is Wednesday. Did you know that Wednesday was the most difficult day of the week to spell when I was a kid? I remember Collin McKillip in class sounding it out as a way to remember Wed-nes-day. To this day I still think that as I type/write. Weird. The things we remember. Speaking of remembering, let's do this weekly Pinterest pin thing I've been doing for awhile now (see past weeks here, here and here)! 

I'm super excited about this one. I've recently acquired a palate and I love
the idea of a wine rack! It is totally shabby chic!

Alpha Mom
It is spring and what better way to bird watch then hoard them over in
your backyard with this delicious snack?

Talk about the ultimate upcycling! Numbers, a couple of watch hands and an old door!

This is a fabric shower curtain stretched over a wooden frame as a headboard .
Creative and inexpensive!!

Lovely Little Snippets
I love this idea of mounting dollar store frames together to get a more dimensional look. 


  1. Can't wait to see how the wine rack turns out! I've pinned most of these as well but haven't gotten to them.

  2. Love the wine rack! I like how the glasses are all just hanging there!