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A Lovely Day for a Bike Ride

23 April 2013

Last weekend it was so beautiful that Mr. Collier and I decided to dust off our bikes for the first time since the fall and go for a ride! I wouldn't consider myself a cyclist but I will say that my bike is super pretty. I got "her" for my birthday two years ago but have desperately neglected to ride it as often as I could. I work and live within about a 2 mile radius and could easily bike into work each day but she is almost too nice of a bike to chain up outside. Alas, I keep it for recreational days and weekends.

I have many goals for this second year of marriage one of which is biking more frequently. As a kid, I was always riding out on my bike in the summers. How else were we supposed to get anywhere? Roller blades were also another option! But those were hard to maneuver on the street for long distances. I still roller blade to this day, fyi. Girls got some skillz. Don't wanna mess. Not a day would go by that I wasn't on my mountain bike from morning until night. Flash forward about thirteen years!  

Like I said, it was a gorgeous day so I helmeted/suited-up and out we went riding until it got dark!! We biked all around a park nearby and all around the college campuses through neighborhoods. It was really fun just going rogue for a bit. No phones, just sheer power of our legs getting us where we needed to go. Mr. Collier is an avid cyclist so I really appreciate his "slowing down" just for me. Gotta love that man! Turns out we burned around 300 calories which isn't too shabby either! 

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