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April Cara Box Reveal!

30 April 2013

Cara Box

cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend

I've participated twice in this wonderful and encouraging exchange between bloggers! Simply, this is the ultimate pen-pal experience. Two bloggers are linked up either as a sender or recipient. The senders work super hard to plan a box of goodies and notes of encouragement centered around a theme. 

In the spirit of Earth Day, the theme was "GO GREEN." This month I've been paired up with Kelsey at Keeping Up with Kelsey and Carissa at T is for Townsend.

Let me introduce my sender, Carissa. 

Carissa and her hubby are born and raised Arizonians. She blogs about married life and her adorable pups, Gunther and Maycee. She just completed her Master's degree (WAHOO!!!!) and deserves a holler for that! Not only is she beautiful but she is a devoted Christian. She started her blog back in 2011 (just like me!!) as a way to document her life and share her funny antics with the world. But her favorite aspect of blogging is connecting with other bloggy friends. Her guilty pleasures are watching trashy reality T.V. , sweets and anything chocolate; however she really doesn't feel too guilty about the sweets and chocolate because they are soooo delicious!!

Carissa doesn't quite remember when she learned how to ride a bike but you better believe that it was pink, had plastic streamers and made her feel too cool for school! If Carissa was going to the moon she would most definitely have chapstick with her in addition to her dogs. And her favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.

My Cara Box from Carissa came on Friday of last week and I could not have been happier! We agreed in our original email that we never truly jumped on the "Go Green" movement but we do believe in nature and having good habits which may also influence the environment. 

Inside this magical box from Arizona, I found a reusable shopping bag, a lovely handwritten note and seeds to add some greenery to my garden! I also received a green notepad that I started using a work yesterday! 

She also set me up for a camping or outdoor event that I had spoke of. Mr. Collier and I aim to go camping for the first time this summer and the snack bars, hand sanitizer and bug spray will fit perfectly in my camping pack! Carissa has experience camping with her dad and I was fortunate enough to pick her brain as a first-timer. 

Carissa also included a spade shovel and mini-rake tool in addition to two small pots for some awesome gardening that I am going to tackle. Did I mention they were all green? Ugh! I am almost embarassed with how badly our small plot of dirt looks as it has been overcome by weeds. 

I highly encourage you to check Carissa and her fabulous blog out, that is, if you haven't already!! Don't forget to sign up to participate in the next Cara Box exchange


  1. This is a great Cara Box!! I've loved seeing the creativity and where people went with the "Go Green" theme. I was overwhelmed because the girl I sent to is very green and I'm not as green, but I was glad she loved what I sent haha.


    1. I really loved getting to know Carissa @ T is for Townsend! Yea, neither of us really jumped on the "green" bandwagon; however, it turns out that I make a lot of earth-subconcious decisions. I keep my lights off because I don't want my electric bill to become expenseive and I bring re-usable shopping bags with me to the store. I'm also thrifty and love to re-use things there. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It looks like you got some great stuff.
    Your partner spoiled you.

    I meant to sign up this month and missed it.
    So may it is, I suppose.

  3. Yay!! I'm so glad you liked everything!! I'm so glad I got partnered with you to send you some goodies!! And sorry I totally forgot to send you a pic last friend fail! But I'm glad you were able to grab one anyway, haha! I can't wait to hear about your camping trip this summer!!

  4. What a fun cara box! Enjoy camping!

    Jennifer @

    1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by!