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Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

13 March 2013

Wa-Waaa-Waaa Wednesday? I can't believe we're here again! Alas, I've found some really interesting pins this week to really bump up the home improvement.

Ombre Stairs
Truly, in what instance is ombre a bad choice?

Pallet Side Tables
Finding the wood is the easy part but
taking them apart is the real challenge. 

Foam Board Shelf Liner
I hate the look of my wire shelves so why not use cheapo foam board to
 spruce it up a bit? You can pair your wall color to a funky pattern as shown
in the picture to make your pantry or closet pop!

Conversation Art

This room looks super busy to me. Focus only on the art over
the mantle. Look at how the multiple colored shapes livens up the room. And it appears to be an easy DIY project for under $50. 

Shapes Curtains
Change them out for holidays or as an accent to a bedspread. Think trucks or
bold colors for a boy's room or shimmery stars for a girls bedroom. 

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