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My "The Office" Birthday Party!

29 March 2013

The Official Invitation: Sent by the Head of the Party Planning Committee
This week, I entered my 27th year of living on this crazy planet! I feel like I'm a stone's throw away from 30. Being that it was my birthday and I've had some pretty killer birthday parties in the past, I decided to host a party themed after my favorite T.V. show of all time, The Office (U.S.). Turns out, The Office first aired on March 24th, 2005 which would mark the 8 year anniversary on this particular occasion! It took some major planning but it went off without a hitch! As I'm sure you are all aware, it is the last season of my favorite show; making it much more timely. I started planning my party by doing a little research on what has previously been done at other "The Office-themed" Parties. Office Tally had a great feature from a fellow Office Lover which inspired some awesome food selections. 

My Save the Date: When you are a busy PhD student, you have
to get your attendees locked in early (that's what she said). 

Last year, at my murder mystery dinner party it was required that attendees dress in costume, however, this year I decided that it would be a much more casual event. In lieu of dressing as characters, I created some name tags so that each party-goer could be a character. If you check out the link below, you can print out these name tags too!

Now...onto the party details. I've been watching The Office since 2008 and recently started jotting down ideas when it comes to how The Office celebrates birthdays, memorable moments and my favorite episodes to incorporate them into the party. First, I ordered this awesome Office Kit which included both a Schrute Buck and Angel's Creepy Baby Poster. I took those and made them wall decor objects along with partially inflated balloons akin to Dwight's Party Planning decor for Kelly.

Dwight's Decor

My Decor
My delicious birthday cake

Then I had to start thinking about the menu. The cake was an easy choice because of the episode where Dwight and Jim assume the rolls of party planners. But what was everyone going to eat? If you looked at the invitation closely, you probably guessed that pizza was the main dish but in what other ways could I honor all of the wonderful episodes that have graced the show these last 8 years? 

The Spread

Just to highlight a few dishes, I included a homemade pretzel bar in honor of the Pretzel Day episode. I used a fabulous (and easy!) recipe from Alton Brown. Further, I had to have a bowl of Kit Kat Bars in honor of Andy Bernard. Other food items included cheese puff balls and fruit with mixed berry yogurt for dipping!

We continued the night by previewing two of my favorite episodes including "Fire Guy" and "Threat Level Midnight". Others making the cuts included "Fun Run" and "Michael's Last Dundies." To wrap up the party, we played a game where participants in teams were asked to generate a list of as many "that's what she saids" in one minute. The prize, a DUNDIE!!! It was a great party and way to spend my first night of 27!

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