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Happy Pi Day!!

14 March 2013


Why, hello again! And Happy Pi Day!!! Pi Day is one of those random nonsense traditions that I hold dear and celebrate each year. I think back my to my time in high school where Mrs. Werner, the math teacher would bribe us with Pie to celebrate Pi Day if we were cooperative, did well enough on our quiz or turned in all of our homework. I suppose the tradition henceforth stuck. There is something to be said about a day that commemorates a mathematical symbol culminating in one of the ultimate nerd holidays (besides May 4, May the 4th be with you as I learned from the grocery checkout person last night and Mole Day on October 23rd). Still, Pi Day in on my top three favorite holidays list following shortly behind Christmas and my birthday! So yeah, I'm pretty hard core. I've even flown back to Chicago to have my favorite Pi at a restaurant called Baker Square to commemorate the holiday. 

How does one celebrate Pi Day? Well, by eating Pie of course! Last night, Mr. Collier and I stopped by Harris Teeter on the way home and picked up a key lime pie to indulge in tonight! It doesn't matter the flavor, the style or the size as long as you are eating Pi you are good to go! An additional challenge would be to learn a few more numbers in the string to show off how cool and smart you are when people ask what Pi Day is!  

Here are my brief guidelines for celebrating Pi Day the right way:

3-The number of pie slices one must eat today.
.-Get my point?
1-There is only one Pi day each year.
4-The number of people that you will convert into Pi Day celebrators after offering them some Pie. 
1- 1:59 p.m. commemorates 6 digits in mathematical Pi.
5-People will think you are crazy for celebrating, but that is half of the fun!
9-How many years that I've celebrated Pi Day!! 


  1. Newest follower here. I found you through the blog hop. You have a wonderful blog. You can find me at


    1. Thanks and Welcome Melanie! Happy Pi Day!!

  2. This is great! I love Pi day too. My hubby's work is celebrating today :)