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Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

20 February 2013

Welcome back, Wednesday! We missed you...(shh not really..). Why is Wedneday referred to as HUMP DAY? Because in the work week distribution Wednesday is at the apex of the histogram. All nerding aside, it is time to get your DIY hat on and oogle at some of the tastiest Pinterest posts for the week!

Literally two of my favorite decor items in one! Take a old map, sort of like I did,
and wrap it around a trashed or previously loved lamp
you score a thrift store/ yard sale. Add a bit of Modge Podge. Voila-Instant classy. 

Peg-Board Anything Storage!
Look at the organization people! I mean come on. It is colorful and spunky yet
obviously functional. Look how the color of the pegboard, which you could acquire
for about $50 at Home Depot, plays off of the colors in the art. Think of contrasting color wheel here. 

Cabinet Makeover!
Craiglist and Yard Sales would be the first places that I'd look to purchase some use cabinetry.  Pick a fun, bold color
 to create an interesting side buffet or piece in your home. Wood glue and putty are
always great to have on hand for these types of projects.

Couch Arm Side Table?
I don't even know where or how you could construct this but I think it just too neat
to pass up sharing! Especially useful if you want to avoid excess furniture. 

Colorful Baskets
Did you that the Goodwill has a whole aisle devoted to baskets? Think of the opportunity
for some funky color-coordinated decorating on the cheap. 


  1. I love that lamp idea! Although maps don't really go too well with my pink and girly room decor so maybe another paper will work.

    1. I'm sure that other paper would work! Or even straight up glitter!!

  2. I love these! Especially the little table to fit on the arm of the couch!