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Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

27 February 2013

Hello Wednesday, you came again so quickly! Another five to tide you over until the weekend!! 

Creative and Quirky Light Covers

Light cover decorations are an easy way to for renters
to spice up their bare walls. 

CD Racks for Tupperware Organization

Why is Tupperware the hardest thing in the world to organize?
 Well, since CD's aren't popular anymore think about using the racks to
organize lids within cabinets and drawers!

Cascading Wall of Decorative Plates

Do you have plates or china that belonged to a beloved family member or perhaps you
frequent Goodwill for something like this? Well, think of the design possibilities! 

Decorative Cubbies and Book Nooks
Combining a decorative frame and wood or shadow box generates this neat way to display your favorite books,
beloved knick-knacks or bud vases with faux flowers. 

Magazine and Book Organization
These inexpensive wall mounts can be found at any local hardware chain.
Spray paint them a fun color as a stand alone mail organizer or magazine stand. 

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