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Random Acts of Kindness

19 February 2013

For Lent, I've given up anything containing high fructose corn syrup and aimed to do one random act of kindness each day. I've tried to document them when I can so that a) I'll remember and b) I can share them with all of you.

My first random act of kindness occured on Valentine's Day. I was a meeting a friend for breakfast and catch-up. I know, re-read it outloud. It sounds funny to me too. Since it was Valentine's Day I thought that it would be most appropriate to bring her a rose. She was completly suprised! Later, she texted and told me that it had such a positive affect on her day!

Friday mornings are the Collier breakfast date morning. We have two frequently places, Panera and West End Cafe. Both are delicious in their own way. Last Friday, we went to West End Cafe. We typically are the only folks present that early in the morning (literally 20 minutes after they opened) so we have the server and restaurant to ourselves. We learned that our server had only been working the job for a week. Fortunately, I had an AppleBee's Gift card in my wallet and so in addition to her tip we wished a fortunate rest of the day and slipped the card in too. 

Saturday, Mr. Collier and I ran to Target to do something meaningless shopping where I had the opportunity to again share some kindness to a stranger. A grandmother was pushing one of those toddler carts with three children under the age of 4 strapped in. One clearly wasn't obeying as he reached his arms out of the vehicle while traveling through the aisles. Grandma warned him once and yet in one swift motion he knocked over a five foot stack of Target baskets for the "lighter shopper" although I've never understood why that even exists at Target. I can't get out of there for less than $50! I saw the tower tumble and offered my hand to help grandma pick them back up while the kids watched and giggled. She was gracious to both me and the children. 

As you can see, random acts of kindness function in several ways. First, you get an immediate burst of tinglies for helping out a fellow person. Second, you can brighten someone's day. And third, you can lend them a hand when theirs are clearly overwhelmed. In what ways have you helped a perfect stranger? 

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