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Ten Essential Wedding Registry Items for the Kitchen

12 February 2013

It's been over a year since our wedding registery has been closed down, I know. I'm sad about it too. As I work on this blog, To Be Mrs. Collier, particularly when I cook to share recipes or meal plan I realize there are just kitchen essentials that every person needs. Wedding or not, here is my list for the top ten essential kitchen items:

This Week for Dinner

We recieved two Silpat for our wedding. I'd highly recommend asking for two if not three. We've use them for every thing from cookies to fish! You name it, Silpat cooks it up beautiful!

I LOVE my/our KitchenAid standmixer. I seriously have no concept of what life was like prior to "Big Red" entering my life.

A good set of baking dishes is absolutely critical. Calphalon makes a great, inexpensive set.

An immersion hand mixer is one thing that we did not register for but I wish that we had. Instead we have a Magic Bullet which sort of gets the job done but smells like burning plastic when you are pulsing it. This "handy dandy" does the puree job to fix awesome soups!

Mr. Collier and I are coffee people. We make and consume at a minimum 8-10 cups of coffee daily between the two of us. As such, the coffee maker that we received for our wedding was critical. If you are less of a daily and more of an occasional coffee drinker, consider the Keurig or a French Press for your "one-time" coffee needs. 

I never thought that I would be interested in a zester until I started "hard core" cooking. Find one that is also more stable for those quick cheese additions, if you can! We didn't register for one but I snuck off on the side nearly a month a go and made an upgrade by adding it to our kitchen. 


We did not upgrade our Walmart $5 paper towel holder and we feel the effects daily. Every time my hands are drenched or there is a spill emergency we end up pulling off too many paper towels or knocking the whole thing over. A weighted, more controlled paper towel holder makes the entire process more efficient. 

Why even begin to think about cooking if you are void of some good pans? The evenness of the cooking and the temperature are directly coupled to the quality of the pans. 

I registered for this dutch oven/iron cookware and it has become one of my top favorite kithcen tools! It gets amazingly hot. I use it for soups but you can also use it for bread making! 

Again, like the pots and pans, "good" knives make cooking all the more enjoyable. It is the difference between driving a 1989 Honda with a bungee cord holding the muffler on and a brand new Accord. They both get you where you want to go but it is the journey or the ride that matters.  


  1. My favorite things we got from our registry are the keurig and knife set :)