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Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

27 February 2013

Hello Wednesday, you came again so quickly! Another five to tide you over until the weekend!! 

Creative and Quirky Light Covers

Light cover decorations are an easy way to for renters
to spice up their bare walls. 

CD Racks for Tupperware Organization

Why is Tupperware the hardest thing in the world to organize?
 Well, since CD's aren't popular anymore think about using the racks to
organize lids within cabinets and drawers!

Cascading Wall of Decorative Plates

Do you have plates or china that belonged to a beloved family member or perhaps you
frequent Goodwill for something like this? Well, think of the design possibilities! 

Decorative Cubbies and Book Nooks
Combining a decorative frame and wood or shadow box generates this neat way to display your favorite books,
beloved knick-knacks or bud vases with faux flowers. 

Magazine and Book Organization
These inexpensive wall mounts can be found at any local hardware chain.
Spray paint them a fun color as a stand alone mail organizer or magazine stand. 

Engagement Rings and Trendy Nail Polish!

25 February 2013

On Saturday, Mr. Collier and I picked up my wedding ring from the jeweler. In December, one of the side stones had fallen out due to a crack in the setting. Turns out, the diamond that fell out was intrinsically flawed to begin with resulting in a very lengthy process to getting it repaired and back on my finger! But, that is all water under the bridge! It is back, looks better that ever and sparkles like the day Mr. Collier gave it to me!

A side note. I received my #Cara box at the end of last week! And my partner, Cassie @ A Southern Pair put together an amazing date night box or #clubsexy box for me! In this box, as I am not ready to reveal all of it yet, was gold and pink nail polish. As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of nail polish so I decided to get trendy, as if I'm not normally trendy anyway! I've seen tons of pictures on where girls have accented with a sparkly polish on one finger but I took the opposite route with a traditional hotpink polish on my ring fingers and sparkly gold on all the others! I think it looks pretty baller!    

It's Soup Sunday in Nashville!

24 February 2013

Today is Soup Sunday. Translation: Dozens of Nashville restaurants are making soup for charity! It is a no-breakfast type of day too just to have more room! I'll be tweeting live from Soup Sunday via the hastag #soupsunday so follow me @Tobemrscollier for updates and reviews on the soups I'm sipping on!

365 Days to a Better Me: Week 22

21 February 2013

Whew! It has been awhile since I've updated on my fitness and wellness progress! It has been 11 weeks since my last post. Last time, I told you that I was five pounds from my wedding weight. Well I am happy to report that I am three pounds down from that. I still have two pounds to go! I had a particularly good day  last week where I woke up to my wedding weight but now I'm back up. I'm oh-so close!

I'm still working out weekly at BarreAmped. I absolutely love this workout! It is challenging and rewarding when the class is through. I can really see the difference in my body. I'm stronger. I can hold three sets of 10 second planks without stopping. Pockets of chub have resided and I think I'm starting to see muscle definition shine through! I noticed today that I do a significant amount of walking at work but I have no idea how much. I'm considering the purchase of a pedometer so that I can geek out and measure my walking data and compare my steps over time. Let, me reign back in...whew! I'm back.  

As far as my diet goes, I have ditched the calorie counting because as it turns out, meal planning is the best diet that I've ever been on. That and being poor. Ba-dum ching! Not only can I plan healthy portions ahead of time but every thing is all natural and I control how my food is prepared. When I go out to eat, I try to stick to fresher foods and lean proteins. It also helps that I've given up high fructose corn syrup containing foods but I haven't seen the effects of that on my weight loss journey. I found a great list of products that don't contain HFCS if you are interested in adapting this lifestyle. It is a lot easier than I thought it would be. But I'm really hesitant to say that now because I'll find out there are more foods I have to avoid! 

All and all I'm feeling very upbeat and self-confident. 

Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

20 February 2013

Welcome back, Wednesday! We missed you...(shh not really..). Why is Wedneday referred to as HUMP DAY? Because in the work week distribution Wednesday is at the apex of the histogram. All nerding aside, it is time to get your DIY hat on and oogle at some of the tastiest Pinterest posts for the week!

Literally two of my favorite decor items in one! Take a old map, sort of like I did,
and wrap it around a trashed or previously loved lamp
you score a thrift store/ yard sale. Add a bit of Modge Podge. Voila-Instant classy. 

Peg-Board Anything Storage!
Look at the organization people! I mean come on. It is colorful and spunky yet
obviously functional. Look how the color of the pegboard, which you could acquire
for about $50 at Home Depot, plays off of the colors in the art. Think of contrasting color wheel here. 

Cabinet Makeover!
Craiglist and Yard Sales would be the first places that I'd look to purchase some use cabinetry.  Pick a fun, bold color
 to create an interesting side buffet or piece in your home. Wood glue and putty are
always great to have on hand for these types of projects.

Couch Arm Side Table?
I don't even know where or how you could construct this but I think it just too neat
to pass up sharing! Especially useful if you want to avoid excess furniture. 

Colorful Baskets
Did you that the Goodwill has a whole aisle devoted to baskets? Think of the opportunity
for some funky color-coordinated decorating on the cheap. 

Random Acts of Kindness

19 February 2013

For Lent, I've given up anything containing high fructose corn syrup and aimed to do one random act of kindness each day. I've tried to document them when I can so that a) I'll remember and b) I can share them with all of you.

My first random act of kindness occured on Valentine's Day. I was a meeting a friend for breakfast and catch-up. I know, re-read it outloud. It sounds funny to me too. Since it was Valentine's Day I thought that it would be most appropriate to bring her a rose. She was completly suprised! Later, she texted and told me that it had such a positive affect on her day!

Friday mornings are the Collier breakfast date morning. We have two frequently places, Panera and West End Cafe. Both are delicious in their own way. Last Friday, we went to West End Cafe. We typically are the only folks present that early in the morning (literally 20 minutes after they opened) so we have the server and restaurant to ourselves. We learned that our server had only been working the job for a week. Fortunately, I had an AppleBee's Gift card in my wallet and so in addition to her tip we wished a fortunate rest of the day and slipped the card in too. 

Saturday, Mr. Collier and I ran to Target to do something meaningless shopping where I had the opportunity to again share some kindness to a stranger. A grandmother was pushing one of those toddler carts with three children under the age of 4 strapped in. One clearly wasn't obeying as he reached his arms out of the vehicle while traveling through the aisles. Grandma warned him once and yet in one swift motion he knocked over a five foot stack of Target baskets for the "lighter shopper" although I've never understood why that even exists at Target. I can't get out of there for less than $50! I saw the tower tumble and offered my hand to help grandma pick them back up while the kids watched and giggled. She was gracious to both me and the children. 

As you can see, random acts of kindness function in several ways. First, you get an immediate burst of tinglies for helping out a fellow person. Second, you can brighten someone's day. And third, you can lend them a hand when theirs are clearly overwhelmed. In what ways have you helped a perfect stranger? 

Faux Sock Bun

15 February 2013

I have thick, medium- length hair with lots and lots of layers. Despite having the option of versatility, my layers make it incredibly challenging to do all of those super cute buns and updo's without a mound of hairspray and at least 50 bobby pins.

I've seen this tutorial hundreds of times on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. Turns out, my layers do like to wrap around a sock. So I came up with a solution that gets a similar appearing result but without all the trouble of rolling our hair in a sock.

The method is simple. Take at least day old hair if not two that is on the verge of greasy and make a high pony. Then take sections and spread them out while curling the ends under with your fingers. Add a few bobby pins to hold it in place. Spray and repeat until you create a faux sock bun as shown below!

Happy Valentine's Day!

14 February 2013

Lent is here!

Growing up Catholic, we celebrated a lot and I mean a lot of traditions. One of my favorites that has stuck with me into adulthood is practicing "giving up" or sacrificing something during Lent. Its origins are hazy as the Nicene Council discussed such a fasting practice in the 300's but nothing was put in stone. What we have come to know as Lenten season can be dated back to the 600's. Even so, I love that it is a time to prepare our hearts and minds for the coming Easter. People in general were much more disciplined and sacrificial. You can see that when the power goes out and people are instantly "bored" because their T.V. or Internet is temporarily disconnected. It might only be a for a few hours but it is very telling in what we are capable of as a species. 

I love the story of Christ's temptation in the dessert by the devil. Over and over again He remains so strong against a force that I cripple to on a daily basis. As such, I'm going to take these 40 days and work my hardest to battle these temptations. I have decided to give up high fructose corn syrup containing foods and  do one random act of kindness each day to both friends and perfect strangers. So stay tuned on my Lenten journey! 

Anti-Valentine's Day Playlist

If you are in the mood of celebrating an anti-Valentine's Day, you'll definitley need a playlist to rock out to! This is only beginning for there are hundreds of anti-love songs out there. Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!

Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

13 February 2013

Hey guys! It is Wednesday again and you know what that means...we need Pinterest more than ever! Here are my favorite Top 5 DIY Home Projects for the week! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest!

I always see utensil dividers such as this at thrift stores like Goodwill. It would be great to display grandma's handwritten recipes as the background and perhaps hang measuring spoons from the "top shelf." 

Last week I featured a stenciled wall and now here we seeing a stenciled concrete floor! Just don't do both at the same time. 

I love the "tin" look to this accent wall. I'm sure you could do the same thing with "frameless" frames and scrapbook paper! 

Dreaming in Color

A good thrift store or garage sale find plus an old incomplete set of China equals a really cute dessert stand!

I am a huge fan of upcycling! By taking old magazines and rolling the pages,  you can create bowls, trivets and frames! Just look how it brings color to the drab "vanilla ice" paint of the wall. 

Ten Essential Wedding Registry Items for the Kitchen

12 February 2013

It's been over a year since our wedding registery has been closed down, I know. I'm sad about it too. As I work on this blog, To Be Mrs. Collier, particularly when I cook to share recipes or meal plan I realize there are just kitchen essentials that every person needs. Wedding or not, here is my list for the top ten essential kitchen items:

This Week for Dinner

We recieved two Silpat for our wedding. I'd highly recommend asking for two if not three. We've use them for every thing from cookies to fish! You name it, Silpat cooks it up beautiful!

I LOVE my/our KitchenAid standmixer. I seriously have no concept of what life was like prior to "Big Red" entering my life.

A good set of baking dishes is absolutely critical. Calphalon makes a great, inexpensive set.

An immersion hand mixer is one thing that we did not register for but I wish that we had. Instead we have a Magic Bullet which sort of gets the job done but smells like burning plastic when you are pulsing it. This "handy dandy" does the puree job to fix awesome soups!

Mr. Collier and I are coffee people. We make and consume at a minimum 8-10 cups of coffee daily between the two of us. As such, the coffee maker that we received for our wedding was critical. If you are less of a daily and more of an occasional coffee drinker, consider the Keurig or a French Press for your "one-time" coffee needs. 

I never thought that I would be interested in a zester until I started "hard core" cooking. Find one that is also more stable for those quick cheese additions, if you can! We didn't register for one but I snuck off on the side nearly a month a go and made an upgrade by adding it to our kitchen. 


We did not upgrade our Walmart $5 paper towel holder and we feel the effects daily. Every time my hands are drenched or there is a spill emergency we end up pulling off too many paper towels or knocking the whole thing over. A weighted, more controlled paper towel holder makes the entire process more efficient. 

Why even begin to think about cooking if you are void of some good pans? The evenness of the cooking and the temperature are directly coupled to the quality of the pans. 

I registered for this dutch oven/iron cookware and it has become one of my top favorite kithcen tools! It gets amazingly hot. I use it for soups but you can also use it for bread making! 

Again, like the pots and pans, "good" knives make cooking all the more enjoyable. It is the difference between driving a 1989 Honda with a bungee cord holding the muffler on and a brand new Accord. They both get you where you want to go but it is the journey or the ride that matters.  

February Cara Box

11 February 2013

I am so excited about this new blog exchange that I am a part of called The Cara Box Exchange. The goal is to connect bloggers often within the same state and form sort of a pen-pal relationship through sending a themed-goodie box. This is my first time and I have been paired with two awesome gals. I am sending a box to the beautiful Christin @ Babies, Bosses and Boyfriends. She is a wonderful woman and mother expecting a baby girl in a few weeks! She and her boyfriend definitely need a #ClubSexy date soon before the baby comes! The theme is #ClubSexy meaning a hot date with the one you love. It can be anything from a romantic dinner for two, dancing or games. Just focusing in on the love. And fun, of course!  

My sender is Cassie @ A Southern Pair. I've also had the pleasure of getting to know her via email. Turns out she lives not too far from me! I can't wait to see what she cooks up!  

Baked Yellow Squash Fries

07 February 2013

Yellow squash is usually super cheap. In the range of $0.99 each or per pound. The stuff is bland on its own but the perk is that you can dress it up with a variety of different flavors. I scored three yellow squash (not like Big Foot) from Aldi on a recent shopping trip for a grand total of $1.39. The package sat...and sat....and sat in my refrigerator until I had to get creative. Mr. Collier is not a huge fan but I buy them anyway and hide them often in his saucy meals.

Perhaps pasta? I've seen recipes where zucchini and yellow squash can get incorporated into a white sauce pasta dish but, nah! We've made yellow squash patties before (delicious and I'd put my "stamp" on those). I was on the hunt for something different. Then it dawned on me! Zucchini fries are easy and it probably wouldn't be a stretch to doctor the recipe for yellow squash!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Then I started preparing the squash by washing, peeling and cutting it into "fries" or "straw" shapes. I set those aside and combined some shredded Asiago and grated Parmesan cheese with Italian Breadcrumbs.  

Next I dunked the squash fries into the egg wash and directly into the cheesy breadcrumbs. Gave them a quick coat and shake. Then I placed them directly onto a baking sheet I sprayed with Pam. They cooked in the oven for about 10-15 minutes before I flipped them over to the opposite side for another round of cooking. Noticed how I baked instead of frying them to reduce the overall weight gain. Translation: I could eat more!! 

I could barely let them cool when I pulled the fries out of the oven. Stand-alone, they are yummy. With a little dipping sauce such as ranch or thousand island dressing, they are da-bomb. Have you had any successes with yellow squash? 

Top 5 DIY Home Weekly Pinterest Pins

06 February 2013

Happy Wednesday! And that means we are in desperate need of some DIY home eye candy to tide us over until the weekend. I've picked five of my favorite pins from the week to share with you. 

I love the idea of a mason jar chandelier! It is like country, rustic
 and upcycling had a baby!  

Custom designed bookshelf but look how the paint
accentuates the entire look. This could totally be
recreated with an old dresser without drawers! 

Refurnishing and Refinishing Taken to a Whole New Level
Think how cool it would be to have a monogram into the stain! 

Stencil Accent Wall

Use Foil Tape to Create Captivating Art for less than $10 a roll!