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Redecorating with a World Map for under $40

29 January 2013

The finished map!

I'm in a home redecorating phase right now. We don't own our home so really the only things I can legitimately change involve our decor and staging. Not only am I staging things different but I have to do so on a very limited budget! Eek! A decorator's worst nightmare. That leaves me re-purposing and redecorating with items that we already have or upgrading them for a limited amount of cash. 

The "before" picture

A few years ago I was at an estate sale of a map collector. Well, I think he was a secret map collector because they were stashed in the basement next to the leaf blower, cans of paint and boxes of old books. I found this map published by National Geographic Magazine from 1957 so the USSR is still present. I purchased it with the intention of having an elaborate gold frame all the way around it to pop against our red walls. When Mr. Collier and I moved into our townhome Tom S' map found a natural place between our two Target bookshelves in the dining room. For two years 8 clear thumbtacks held the map in place until now!    

Let the nerves set in!!!

Michael's craft store had a sale recently where I scored two large canvases for the price of one ($35). I split the cost with my crafty coworker leaving me with a very large $15 canvas. A little black craft paint with a hint of ModgePodge and the project went from a blank canvas to a "faux frame" for under $40 total! I was incredibly nervous while painting the canvas and even more so while gluing the paper map down. But I am so proud of how it came out! more time because it looks so cool!!

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