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06 January 2013

I've been spending a significant amount of time sorting through our junk room and looking for items to decorate our home with on a minimal budget. In doing so I discovered this great frame which displayed a stagnant picture from a few years back. We hardly ever walk by the photo to appreciate the memory enclosed within so I figured it would be a great opportunity for re-purposing.

About a year ago I received a handwritten copy of one of my favorite family recipes on my mom's side, pierogi. Not only is it in my grandma's handwriting but there are countless memories of watching her make the dish in addition to every Christmas when she would make pierogi for the family. 

So I cut a little piece of scrapbook paper as the mount and added the recipe to make this very attractive piece, if I do say so myself. This little beauty found a home on my dresser so that I can look at it daily and remember the great woman my grandma was. 

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