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Re-decorating and Re-purposing

03 January 2013

Decorating on a budget is always a challenge especially when it comes to feeling stagnant about your decor. And if you are like me, you enjoy incorporating new pretties into your home. Between the thrift store, hardware store for paint and digging through your old stuff I haven't come up with a cheaper way to decorate. Hence, I propose a method of re-purposing the items that you already have!

A few months, that's right, a few months ago I purchased these three frames for around $15 total I believe at Walmart. If my memory serves me correct, I think at the time I had the intention of spray painting them some monochromatic color which would contrast nicely with all of the texture on the frame. Well, these frames sat in the bag for a few weeks. Then they were placed in the spare bedroom which also functions as a "junk" room. Then finally, last night after some much needed cleaning in the spare bedroom I came across these guys as well as printed copies of some of our engagement photos.

I remember printing off the engagement photos in triplicate copies to share with our families over a year and half ago and the remnants or "left-behinds" have literally sat in the Shutterfly envelope since. I hate to waste all of these things so I combined them! And I think they look pretty cool! The next question was where to place them in our home. This is where the re-decorating with your own stuff comes in handy!

We call our dining room the "international" dining room because we have selected relics from our travels for the decor. These items adorn two flimsy Target bookcases and are often collecting dust more than being used. It is amazing how rearranging items on shelves impacts the overall look. Besides, the engagement photos really found a home!

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