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New Year's Resolution Check-In!

09 January 2013

Last week, I posted on my New Year's resolutions and have since been working hard to make them happen. Are you still thinking about them or did they fall by the wayside? Did you know that it takes about 21 days to integrate a new behavior into your lifestyle but only three days to break it? In August I wrote a post on changing behaviors and how hard it truly is to adopt new behaviors into our very rigid mentality of changes. You can do it. Keep it up. If you keep failing at the changes first forgive yourself, pick yourself up and start each day fresh again. 

Here is an update on my New Year's Resolutions. 
  • One for health: I am going to continue my pursuit of a better me by increasing my exercise habits, reducing my sugar intake, cutting carbs and substituting tea for coffee after 8 a.m. I will be working on staying hydrated throughout the day keeping my tummy full and my system clean. 
    Reflecting on my current health routine, I can definitely see a difference since the summer. Not only am I five pounds away from my wedding weight (almost a year ago) but I am routinely using lotion to keep my skin hydrated and strong, taking vitamins daily and flossing nightly. A huge improvement from this summer and even a year ago. I am a firm believer in taking care of your body as a method of preventative medicine. As of Thursday of last week, I can run a mile in under 14 minutes. Don't laugh, it is much faster than someone sitting on the couch!!! 

    01/08 update: It has been one week since I made this goal. In that time, I've worked out at the gym twice. First was an intensive BarreAmped workout with my dear Lori. It kicked my butt seriously for the rest of the week. Sunday I had some free time and took a Zumba class the student recreation center. Despite having so-so experiences in the past, I can report the class was rather lively. I think I shall return this coming Sunday, perhaps make a "thing" of it. I plan on going to Barre on Sunday and then perhaps Zumba or yoga early next week!

  • One for wealth: This year I resolve to reduce my frivolous spending on clothes, coffee, snacks and groceries. All savings will be set aside and left untouched. Mr. Collier and I are hoping to save enough to get a down payment on our first home in the coming year or two. That and we may have to make a car purchase if his truck decides to bite the dust.

    01/08 update: I have not purchased one coffee at Suzie's, the coffee bar down the hall from my lab all week! I even have a free coffee that I am holding onto for a day where I cannot take it!
    I made one coffee purchase through the whole week at ABP when I met up with a friend but I used my discount mug. There were no clothing purchases made this week but rather tons of purging at our home. Wait for those blog posts upcoming! I've been packing extra snacks so that I don't have the craving to buy during the day.

    Another financial thing I did this week was begin the 52 week challenge that has been circulating all over the internet the last week. The idea is that every week a little bit of money is set aside so that in the end of the year there is quite a sum left over!  

  • One for me: This year I resolve to spend quality time with the Lord each day in prayer, bible study and prayer journaling. I spent some time throughout the year working on a daily bible verse and devotional in my Christian walk blog but I could always improve in daily renewal in the Spirit.

    01/08: Wednesday nights at our church starting tomorrow is hosting a new women's study and my friend Morgan and I are going to participate. I have also been receiving a bible verse each Monday from a coworker to help align my perspective each week. Finally, I have started incorporating praise and worship music into listening selections during the day. 93.9 F.M. in the car and the Contemporary Christian station on Pandora are two of my favorites. 

  • One for humanity: This year I resolve to spend one day per month volunteering and giving my time to those around me. When I moved to Nashville I joined Hands On Nashville to seek out volunteer opportunities but unfortunately, I've never followed through on that one.

    01/08: My friend Catherine from church and I were talking about our New Year's resolutions and it became clear that we both wanted to do something for others. So, we decided to sign up to help at a local food bank in Nashville called Second Harvest which provides meals to families and individuals in need. We settled on going one Saturday per month starting in February. If any of my Nashville friends are reading this and are interested in helping out with us, let me know!

  • One for my marriage: This year I resolve to spend less time saying,"yes," to every person and their mother that asks me to be a part of something and spend more time with my husband. And by time, I mean not in front of the T.V. True, quality time. I want my marriage to be as beautiful as my wedding was.
01/08: This week I've said," no" to at least two obligations in order to spend more time with Mr. Collier. I've reserved blogging and internet browsing for when we are not together such as in the morning and have made a conscious effort to have quality time with him in the evenings. We have a big date night coming up on Saturday in celebration of our one year anniversary and I'm really looking forward to that! 

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