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Engagement Rings Break but Diamonds are Forever!

12 January 2013

Prepare to get shallow with me for a moment folks. The Friday that Mr. Collier and I left for our Christmas travels I was happily sitting at my desk in the lab when I saw a minor "smudge" in the middle of one of the metal pieces of my engagement ring setting. Naturally, I try to clean it off with my finger and "POP". One of the diamond baguettes of my engagement setting pops out and lands in my lap. Granted, it did not truly make a noise but I certainly did!

I left work in a fury. I quickly fought Christmas traffic to our local jewelry store where it was purchased to submit it for repair. Submit is subtle. It was more like relinquished after crying, begging and pleading. My finger feels so naked to this day because I still haven't gotten it back.But this experience has me wondering why it matters so much. I cringe as I type that. I have my wedding band, that should be the important one right? The one that I would painfully regret losing but somehow it doesn't feel that way. I love my sparkly diamond engagement ring. The one that initiated the lifelong promise between Mr. Collier and myself. It has become a part of me and feels wrong to be without it. 

Out of this I did come to the realization that things break and we have no control over it. Ick. Fortunately, I "lost" the diamond in my lab instead of having to fork up the dough to pay for it too to be replaced. A few hundred dollar repair could have easily gone up ten-fold. Alas, it still makes me sad.    


  1. Shallow or not, I understand!
    Mine came lose twice in one year (about 2 years ago) and each time it was a 2-week repair job. It was free via Kay Jewelers, but it was definitely a little traumatic for me.


  2. @ Kristin THANK YOU! Sadly, I still haven't gotten "my precious" back. Apparently there is a backlog in the jewelry industry since Christmas.