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A bag of apples for $3.00, sure! But now what to do with it?

17 January 2013

On our monthly shopping trip Mr Collier and I picked up a 3lb bag of apples at Aldi for around $3.00. The fruit bowl was filled with a box of clementines we bought for $4.00 so with the addition of the apples we have been literally packed to the brim with fruit. What in the world am I going to do with all of these apples? Sure apples and peanut butter as well as by themselves is delicious but how much of this could we possible eat? And how am I going to incorporate this into our Collier Meal planning?

These are excellent questions and has sparked my search into apple-related recipes. I turned to my go-to on skinny recipes at Skinnytaste and came up with a slew of ideas!
Wow! Quite a lot going on for each meal of the day! A major vein throughout each recipe was the combination of a crockpot, cinnamon and peeled/diced apples. So that is where I've started. I took 8 apples peeled them and cut them up. After placing them in the crock pot I added some vanilla, bourbon, cinnamon and nutmeg. I gave it a littler stir and off it simmered for the rest of the day! 

We ended up with a lot of bourbon apples but it enable me to get creative so the recipes wouldn't wear out. My first concoction was a Bourbon Apple French Toast. Now, I've made French Toast practically my whole life and it wasn't until this experience that I mastered the art. You know how the bread acquires a soggy consistency because of the eggs after cooking? Well, thanks to Alton Brown, I learned that placing the cooked French Toast on a baking sheet for 5 minutes in a 300 degree F oven takes that problem and throws it out of the window! The French Toast came out beautiful and oh-so-tasty!

As an alternative recipe that we savored over here at the Collier household which allowed me to polish off the bourbon apples was including it into pancake mix. The combination of pancake and gooey apples in each bite was out of this world!

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