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Our Trip to Dinosaur World

30 December 2012

Mr. Collier and I went on our first date at Mammoth Cave in Cave City, Kentucky. To commemorate our four years together and as part of Mr. Collier's 25 Days of Christmas gift we spent a Saturday driving from Nashville up I-65 to the roadside attraction know as Dinosaur World. Now, if you haven't had the opportunity to make it up that way I'd highly recommend it. Not only do you have the opportunity to interact with these prehistoric creatures they also have a wide collection of fossils and it is a fabulous place to walk around for an hour to stretch your legs.  

"Hey Guys"
Fortunately, Mr. Collier and I had a Living Social Coupon so it was $24 total (normally $20 each) for us to be emerged in the prehistoric wonder that is Dinosaur World. My favorite part, by far had to be the first few "exhibits" on the Dino Trail walk which included three specimens which had a placard that read,"This is not a dinosaur." After several of these I thought, "What is this? 'NOT A DINOSAUR WORLD?'" Overall we spent an hour walking around and taking photos with all of the interesting interpretations of dinosaurs and not-so dinosaur creatures. 

You might be wondering who in their right minds would be spending an afternoon or let alone money walking in the cold/rain to look at fiberglass dinosaurs. Well, the Colliers. We've had a love for kitschy roadside attractions since the very beginning of our relationship and so it was only fitting for us to cross Dinosaur World off of the list! 


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