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Our Fourth Neighborly Christmas

07 December 2012

Living in Nashville Mr. Collier and I have been exposed to many different types of artists but one band takes the cake in our world. Meet Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. They are by far our favorite band. You see, our relationship with the Neighbors started in 2009 when they opened for Dave Barnes at Exit/In in Nashville. Mr. Collier and I had only started dating when I bought this tickets. I'd been following Dave Barnes for several years and never missed an opportunity to see a show. Hence, for his birthday I bought the tickets and we were first introduced to Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. It was on this night that they also filmed the music video for their song Fire & Dynamite, which happens to be "our song" and the one we danced to at our wedding. 

The unique thing about Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors is that their sound is soulful and folksie with a hint of romance and whimsy. Drew's wife Ellie brings vocals like you would not believe. And the band, as I learned last night are all Belmont University graduates and are basically amazing. Aside from the music and performance the song writing is beautiful and hits you at the heart. And that can be said about all of their albums. You think it couldn't get better but it does because Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors also are part of the Mocha Club which raise money for projects in Africa such as building wells and providing people with alternative means of living to support their families. They are all around blessed and good people. 

 But each year Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors play a Neighborly Christmas Show and Mr. Collier and I attended last night. It has sort of become our annual Christmas tradition. Wednesday night they were joined by several friends and lit up Belmont's Massey Performing Arts Center. A truly awesome holiday show! 

Our First Neighborly Christmas

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